IVE Talks About Their Synchronization With The Group's Persona, Mindset On Stage, And More

IVE has graced the cover of Vogue Korea’s January issue!

On December 20, Vogue Korea released photos for the January issue featuring IVE. In the black and white pictorial, the six members of IVE showcase their chic and elegant sides, exuding a powerful aura.

The lyric that implicitly shows IVE’s persona is “dare.” Since their debut on December 1, 2021, the word “dare” appears in all three title songs “ELEVEN,” “LOVE DIVE,” and “After LIKE.” Looking into the lyrics, they feel more like narcissistic love songs for oneself rather than for someone else. However, instead of putting forward powerfulness, IVE emphasized narcissism while maintaining their identity as teenage girls.

Rei remarked, “But I’m actually not that kind of person. I used to be shy, but I feel that I’m gradually changing. When I listen to a song like ‘ROYAL,’ my mood naturally improves and so does my confidence. I feel like I’m assimilating with IVE without even realizing it.”

An Yu Jin added that this point may be one of the reasons why IVE is loved. She said, “I am a person who is very cautious, so there is a bit of a gap between IVE’s persona [and myself]. I don’t even think that I need to be greatly in sync with [IVE’s persona] in order to sing [our songs]. But there are times when I feel that I’m assimilating more and more with the lyrics and what we express. I guess I am maturing.”

Jang Won Young shared her initial thoughts when she listened to the song “After LIKE.” She said, “It is a bit of an oxymoron, but I felt that it had a sophisticated rustic feel to it. It’s good that the song itself is nice, but if you think about it further, it has a retro vibe. I believe that everyone’s DNA is mixed with retro. I think the song fulfills that somewhat kitsch taste of listeners.”

Gaeul, who showcased her chic and charismatic side in “After LIKE” performances, confessed that at first she did not know that her part would become so popular. She shared, “My part starts with the lyrics, ‘Twice, thrice, don’t ask me again.’ I tried to express that part as cynically as possible. In everyday life, I am a calm and placid person, but on stage, I try to change completely. It is like I naturally get the mindset that I am the best and that I dominate this space.”

Leeseo shared that she often asks herself about her true self these days. She remarked, “I think to myself that I want to live my own life. In a way, there is a prejudice that idols have embellished images, but I have a strong desire to show my true self, so I contemplate a lot about what kind of person I am.”

For Liz, her latest hot topic is what’s in store for her next. She candidly expressed, “People are surprised when I say I am 19 years old (by Korean reckoning). I guess I look mature [for my age].” She added, “I want to try a new type of vocalization or songs with different vibes. I have a lot on my mind not just work-wise but also about my inner growth. I think about things like training myself to turn any words I hear into something positive or taking my own side more because I am the only one who can protect myself.”

Check out more dashing photos in color below:

IVE’s full pictorial and interview will be available in Vogue Korea’s January issue.

Watch IVE at the 2022 KBS Song Festival below:

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