10 Korean Songs With Distinguished Flowery Titles

K-pop discography is so rich and versatile that you can make up a playlist of almost any keyword that comes to mind. One thing is certain: Korean artists love everything flowery and spring-like as they often include it in their music. There have been many songs over the years that borrow their titles from all sorts of flowers, and if you take a close look, you’ll find what makes the essence of each of these blooming tracks.

Here is a selection of Korean songs with distinguished flowery titles.


(G)I-DLE brilliantly uses the dahlia flower to describe the various facets of a relationship. From a strong bond usually represented by red dahlias to heartbreak mirrored in black ones, the members successfully describe this rollercoaster of feelings in their lyrics.

IZ*ONE – “Violeta”

IZ*ONE channels the attributes that violets are often related to throughout their rhymes. The track is such a pretty spring vibe as the members narrate traits of loyalty, commitment, and sincerity that they sense in their significant other.

A.C.E – “Clover”

Each leaf in a clover represents something: love, faith, hope, and luck. A.C.E seems to have found all four in one person as they lovingly sing of the overwhelming impact of their feelings toward their love interests.


AB6IX contemplates both sides of their existential coin. The members poetically compare their solitude and resilience to that of dandelions, and they stand their ground as they’re ready to survive the harshness of life.

Lee Hi – “ROSE”

We all know the saying, “Pretty hurts,” but sometimes pretty hurts others. In this track, Lee Hi beautifully describes herself as a thorny rose, with her beauty capturing hearts, but earning her love comes with a painful price.

Busker Busker – “Cherry Blossom Ending”

This classic track comes back in style every spring season in Korea. Busker Busker captures the delicacy of cherry blossoms in “Cherry Blossom Ending,” and the band sings of a couple who goes on a romantic stroll while the petals fill the streets.

 BOL4 – “Freesia”

Symbolic of friendship, freesias are also known for their sweet scent. In this beautiful rendition, BOL4 is perhaps missing a friend and longing to meet them once again and gifting them a bouquet of freesia flowers.


Just like the essence of lilacs, IU recalls her youth as an idol. She describes the flowers as ivory, hinting at white lilacs, which symbolize purity and innocence. This track is a throwback to IU’s career thus far, which she released while nearing her thirties.

SNUPER – “Tulips”

SNUPER serves a steamy and lovey-dovey track with “Tulips,” where they go in-depth about their feelings for their special someone. Ideally, tulips symbolize deep and perfect love, perfectly fitting the vibe of their lyrics.


Indicating love, beauty, and purity, the jasmine flower finds a place in this jam by JBJ95. In this track, the duo describes being enchanted by their lover’s graceful aura, which they compare to the fragrant flower.

Honorable mentions:

BTS’s RM – “Wild Flower

Rocket Punch – “Lilac”

Dreamcatcher – “R.o.S.E BLUE” prod. ESTi

BTS’s V – “Snow Flower” feat. Peakboy

OOHYO – “Dandelion”

Choi Yoo Jung – “Sunflower (P.E.L)

PENTAGON – “Camellia” and “Daisy

Which Korean song with a distinguished flowery title is your favorite? Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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