Han Joon Woo Talks About Playing Son Naeun's Smitten Secretary In New Drama

Han Joon Woo has dished on his upcoming JTBC drama “Agency”!

Set within the fiercely competitive world of one of Korea’s leading advertisement agencies, “Agency” is a new drama starring Lee Bo Young as Go Ah In, the first-ever female executive of VC Group.

Son Naeun will star in the drama as Kang Han Na, the youngest daughter of the VC Group family and VC Planning’s Director of Social Media, while Han Joon Woo will play her secretary Park Young Woo.

Park Young Woo trained to become a boxer up until his second year of high school, when he realized that he wasn’t champion material and decided to change his course in life. As Kang Han Na’s loyal assistant, he has remained by her side even while she was studying abroad, and he has played a wide variety of roles: her private tutor for business school, her bodyguard, her confidant, and her right-hand man.

Han Joon Woo described Park Young Woo as “someone who is very strict in taking care of himself, works hard at everything he does, and is very realistic.”

However, in spite of his professional and disciplined nature, there is one thing even Park Young Woo can’t control: his heart. After Kang Han Na opens up to him, Park Young Woo begins to see her a new, romantic light—but he knows that if he gets caught falling for her, he’ll be fired right away. And the one thing Park Young Woo fears even more than losing his job is risking Kang Han Na’s chances of rising to the very top of VC Group.

“Young Woo has very deep feelings for Han Na,” explained Han Joon Woo. “So I wanted to portray the subtle differences between Young Woo when he’s around other people versus Young Woo when he’s alone with Han Na—even in the way he breathes.”

In order to prepare for the role of Park Young Woo, Han Joon Woo even went so far as to take boxing lessons. “Because of Park Young Woo’s past, I consistently underwent boxing training,” he shared.

Describing his experience working with his co-star Son Naeun, Han Joon Woo remarked, “She’s an actress who is always upright and ready to absorb everything. She’s similar to [her character] Han Na in the way that whenever she’s tasked with something, regardless of what it is or what kind of difficulty comes her way, she is determined to see it through no matter what. Filming was really comfortable and fun.”

He went on to tease, “Please keep an eye on Young Woo and Han Na, who share the same feelings in different situations.”

Finally, Han Joon Woo concluded by telling viewers, “We encounter ads each and every day. But behind each of those ads, there’s a truly fierce battle taking place, and [watching that play out] is a lot of fun. Please look forward to seeing the passion of the many different people in advertising who spend sleepless nights toiling away to create [those ads].”

“Agency” will premiere on January 7 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Check out a teaser for the drama here!

In the meantime, watch Han Joo Woo in “Into the Ring” with subtitles below:

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