These 10 K-Pop Tracks Are Perfect To Get Any New Year’s Party Popping

New Year’s celebrations are here and there’s nothing more important for the perfect party atmosphere than a fire playlist. Throw on a couple of K-pop bops, and the party will definitely be popping! Whether you’re celebrating with all of your friends and family or hosting a smaller get-together, these tracks will start the new year off right.

In no particular order. 


When the party’s just getting started, a couple of low-key tracks are a great way to set the mood. “FEARLESS,” LE SSERAFIM’s debut track, has enough hype to get guests grooving but isn’t so crazy as to feel out-of-place in a more chill environment. Plus, the vocals are just so pleasing to listen to!


TREASURE has a lot of bouncing beats reminiscent of 2010’s party bops, so there’s plenty to love when it comes to their discography. Their most recent title track “HELLO” is the perfect celebration track because it’s light and fun but still has a rhythm that’s perfect for dancing.

YooA – “Selfish”

“Selfish” is definitely a departure from the Oh My Girl member’s past solo releases, but it’s just so refreshing! With sweet, easy-listening vocals and a unique rhythm, this track is befitting of a pop queen. It’s fun without being overwhelming, and it’s the perfect background listening for a fun and festive new year.

Bang Chan – “Connected”

Leader Bang Chan’s solo track from Stray Kids’ recent “SKZ-REPLAY” release, “Connected” basically screams party bop. It starts out tame enough but ramps up to an irresistible beat that will have everyone in the room dancing. It’s also an all-English track, so it’s easy for non-K-pop fans to get along with as well.


“SLOW DOWN” is a B-side track off of STAYC’s “STEREOTYPE” album. The title track of the same name was pretty much an instant hit when it was released last year, but the B-sides are stellar as well! “SLOW DOWN” leads up to an unexpected anti-drop, giving it a unique vibe that makes for a chill yet fun addition to a party playlist.

NCT DREAM – “Candy”

Originally released by K-pop legend H.O.T. in 1996, the brand new NCT DREAM remake of “Candy” has just as much charm as the first release while breathing new life into an already-popping track. This one is perfect for the seasoned K-pop fans in the room, but the energy of the track is also totally contagious!


“DDU-DU DDU-DU” is basically a K-pop classic at this point, and even non-fans might know this song. In fact, BLACKPINK is such a globally-famous group that you might be hard-pressed to find a party guest who doesn’t know their name! This track will bring any party to the top, that’s for sure.


SEVENTEEN has dabbled in a huge variety of genres over the course of the group’s career, but there’s something extra fun about this electronic-leaning dance track from their recent “Face the Sun” album. The creative use of autotune is addictive without being overdone, and the backing track is just so hype!

aespa – “Illusion”

aespa is known for their ultra-intense electronic beats, but something about “Illusion” feels a little more laid-back while still staying true to the aespa sound. The beat is there, but the song is more understated – in other words, it’s perfect for a party! It’s a great mood-setter, but guests won’t be too distracted by the music.

BTS – “Go Go”

“Go Go” is a couple of years old at this point, but it still has all of the crazy, fun vibes that it did when it was released! The lyrics are all about letting loose and forgetting all of your worries, so it’s pretty party-appropriate. Plus, the song itself is so unique and memorable that it will make any get-together stand out. This one never gets old!

What’s on your New Year’s party playlist? Drop some recommendations in the comments!

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