Lee Jae Wook And Go Yoon Jung Share A Romantic Reunion In “Alchemy Of Souls Part 2”

Lee Jae Wook and Go Yoon Jung will find their way back to one another on the next episode of tvN’s “Alchemy of Souls Part 2”!

Set in the fictional nation of Daeho, “Alchemy of Souls” is a fantasy romance drama about people whose fates become twisted due to magic that swaps people’s souls. After Part 1 of the drama stole viewers’ hearts this past summer, “Alchemy of Souls” returned last month with Part 2, which is set three years after the end of Part 1.


On the previous episode of “Alchemy of Souls Part 2,” Nak Soo’s memories finally returned, leading Jin Bu Yeon (Go Yoon Jung) to make up her mind to leave Jang Wook (Lee Jae Wook).

In newly released stills from the drama’s upcoming episode, the couple share an emotional reunion under the Danhyanggok tree where Jin Bu Yeon regained her memories. As Jang Wook tenderly embraces Jin Bu Yeon from behind, both of them look distraught, hinting at the heartache that each of them has been suffering on their own.

Notably, Jang Wook is clutching his red yin-yang jade, which is supposed to guarantee love that lasts a lifetime when split between a man and woman who love one another. It remains to be seen whether the saying is true—and whether the couple will be able to spend the rest of their lives together.

To find out what lies in store for Jang Wook and Jin Bu Yeon, catch the next episode of “Alchemy of Souls Part 2” on January 7 at 9 p.m. KST!

In the meantime, watch Go Yoon Jung in “He Is Psychometric” with subtitles below:

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