UN's Choi Jung Won Announces Legal Action Against Allegations Of Affair With Married Woman

UN’s Choi Jung Won has released a statement responding to allegations that he had an affair with a married woman.

On January 9, a YouTuber posted a video covering a report sent in by an anonymous informant (hereafter referred to as “B”), who claimed that a famous celebrity and former idol (“A”) had approached his wife and broken up his family. B claimed, “A sent messages to my wife saying things like ‘I miss you,’ ‘Let’s go out for a drink,’ ‘Let’s meet up often,’ and ‘I was so happy to be with you.’ He called her every day and often fed her alcohol before taking her to his house. When I asked my wife about it later on, she said they used to date before we got married.”

The YouTuber later caused a stir by revealing that A was actor and former UN member Choi Jung Won.

The following day, on January 10, Choi Jung Won released a statement on Instagram announcing that he would be taking strong legal action against the allegations, which he insisted were false.

The full statement from Choi Jung Won reads as follows:

Hello, this is Choi Jung Won.

I apologize to have made you encounter a confusing article [about me]. However, the content of the YouTube video from yesterday was based solely on the opinions of the informant. We were not even former lovers, we were just neighborhood friends whose families had been close since we were little. I contacted her to say hello because I was glad to see her name come up on my KakaoTalk for the first time in a long while, and we had meals two or three times after that, but we mainly talked about family, work, children, and other typical everyday conversation topics. There was absolutely nothing dishonorable like the article reported.

Since then, the informant has been harassing me by verbally abusing and threatening me multiple times, and he even sent me an official letter stating that I should take responsibility and pay him money. I find it deeply regrettable that the informant’s unilateral statement and exaggerated [account of the] situation have made the news.

I intend to reveal the truth regarding this matter in court and take legal action in response to the damage I have suffered.

Thank you.

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