Watch: Kang Sora And Jang Seung Jo Are Ex-Spouses Walking The Fine Line Between Love And Hate In New Drama Trailer

New drama “Strangers Again” has shared an exciting sneak peek of the fiery chemistry between its two leads!

“Strangers Again” is a romance drama about two divorce lawyers who get married after 10 years of dating, only to wind up getting divorced themselves. When they meet again as colleagues after their divorce, sparks fly at every turn. Kang Sora will play the role of star divorce lawyer Oh Ha Ra, who is known as the “goddess of litigation,” while Jang Seung Jo will play her witty ex Goo Eun Beom, who is a talented lawyer himself.

The newly released trailer begins with a cinematic scene symbolizing the animosity between the two ex-spouses. A furious Oh Ha Ra exclaims, “You’re telling me to share an office with my ex-husband?!” Then, as her ex dangles off the edge of a cliff begging her to save him, Oh Ha Ra asks frostily, “Why didn’t you pay me this month’s alimony?”

The former couple can’t stop bickering in real life as well, leading the head of their law firm to exclaim in frustration, “Just get back together! Or marry her off to someone else.” Giddy with sudden inspiration, Goo Eun Beom takes his boss’s advice literally and ambushes his ex-wife with a surprise blind date—and it’s safe to say from her reaction that she isn’t exactly thrilled about it.

However, even as the two lawyers clash at every opportunity, one of the co-workers points out, “Hatred can be love too. An even more passionate love.” Sure enough, the sexual tension between the couple finally reaches its breaking point in Oh Ha Ra’s imagination—and in a desperate attempt to snap out of it, she exclaims, “I must have gone crazy!”

“Strangers Again” will begin airing on ENA on January 18 at 9 p.m. KST. In the meantime, check out the trailer below!

Watch Jang Seung Jo in his previous drama “The Good Detective 2” with subtitles below!

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