Yoo Yeon Seok And Geum Sae Rok Share An Awkward Encounter With Moon Ga Young In

“The Interest of Love” has previewed a very uncomfortable three-way meeting between the leads!

“The Interest of Love” is a realistic romance drama about four people with different interests who meet while working at the Yeongpo branch of KCU Bank. As they become entangled in one another’s lives, they eventually come to understand the true meaning of love.


After Park Mi Kyung (Geum Sae Rok) came on strong toward Ha Sang Soo (Yoo Yeon Seok), the two started dating secretly. During the weekend, they go hiking, which is considered to be a popular way for office workers to spend their leisure time, along with two other colleagues. As they just became lovers from being senior-and-junior at the office, the two enjoy a heart-fluttering date under the guise of a casual weekend hike, clinging to one another throughout the walk.

In the first set of stills below, Ha Sang Soo and Park Mi Kyung take selfies against the backdrop of a green forest and exchange small talk, creating a lovey-dovey atmosphere. Ha Sang Soo melts Park Mi Kyung’s heart as he gently checks on her condition during the hike.

With this hiking as an opportunity, the distance between Ha Sang Soo and Park Mi Kyung gets close very quickly to the point that they share a sweet kiss. However, as they are wary of their colleagues Ma Doo Shik (Lee Si Hoon) and Bae Eun Jung (Jo In) who are making their way up the mountain behind them, the two are being more careful and secretive in their displays of affection.

In midst of the situation where no one knows that Ha Sang Soo and Park Mi Kyung are dating, the next stills preview an awkward meal between Ha Sang Soo, Park Mi Kyung, Ahn Soo Young, and So Kyung Pil (Moon Tae Yoo). The restaurant that the four colleagues go to is a gulgukbap (oyster soup with rice) restaurant run by Ahn Soo Young’s parents. Ahn Soo Young, who is estranged from her family, sits very uncomfortably as she is conscious not only of Ha Sang Soo sitting across from her but also of her parents.

Ha Sang Soo remembers Ahn Soo Young’s words that she does not like oysters, so he instinctively pays attention to Ahn Soo Young. Nevertheless, Ha Sang Soo also does not forget to check on Park Mi Kyung sitting next to him. However, his innate kindness leaves a deep wound on Ahn Soo Young’s heart.

So Kyung Pil, who watches the whole situation and grasps the subtle atmosphere between Ha Sang Soo and Ahn Soo Young, tries to lighten up the mood as a reliable friend of Ha Sang Soo. Anticipation is high for whether the uncomfortable meal between the four people can end without any trouble and whether Ha Sang Soo and Ahn Soo Young can hide their feelings for each other well.

Tune in for episode 7 of “The Interest of Love” which airs on January 11 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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