Jang Keun Suk And Lee Elijah Team Up To Take Down Heo Sung Tae And His Accomplices In “The Bait”

“The Bait” starring Jang Keun Suk, Heo Sung Tae, and Lee Elijah has unveiled tense new stills!

Coupang Play’s upcoming crime thriller drama “The Bait” follows a lawyer-turned-homicide detective searching for the truth behind unsolved past cases by investigating current crimes.

Jang Keun Suk stars as Goo Do Han, a detective who is determined to uncover the truth behind a newly surfaced murder case. The suspect is Noh Sang Cheon (Heo Sung Tae), the culprit of South Korea’s biggest fraud case that had tens of thousands of victims, even though he supposedly died eight years ago.

Lee Elijah plays reporter Cheon Na Yeon, a relative of one of the victim’s in Noh Sang Cheon’s fraud case. As she joins Goo Do Han in his investigation, Cheon Na Yeon aims to find a connection between the mysterious murders and the fraud case.

Lee Sung Wook portrays senior manager Kang Jong Hoon, who is Goo Do Han’s superior. His still captures his sharp expression as he focuses on something in the distance. Lee Seung Joon plays Lee Byung Joon, one of Noh Sang Cheon’s victims. With blood all over his face and hands, Lee Byung Joon is dragged away from the scene but cannot look away.

Park Myung Hoon will transform into Song Young Jin, while Oh Yeon Ah plays Jung So Ram. These two characters are the ones closest to world-class villain Noh Sang Chun.

Starting January 27, “The Bait” will air two episodes a week. Part 1 will consist of six episodes and Part 2 will be released later this year. Watch a teaser here!

Until then, catch Heo Sung Tae in “Insider” below:

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