5 Addictive Short K-Dramas To Binge-Watch During The Weekend

Weekends are often made even better when you’re planning for a K-drama marathon. There are a number of short shows that you can binge-watch in a day or two, and individual episodes range from a few minutes to just under an hour. “Miracle,” “User Not Found,” and more offer all the K-drama fun without taking too much time to start a whole new series. Here’s a look at five addictive K-dramas to add to your list!


“Miracle” follows a K-pop fangirl named Lee Soo Rin (Kang Min Ah) who meets her idol Luis (SF9‘s Chani) twice in her life. As a result, her friendships and love life become complicated by his presence. Lee Soo Rin and Luis meet as fangirl and idol, respectively. After several years, Lee Soo Rin grows up and is given the opportunity to work closely with him. Meeting her childhood crush later in life starts a real relationship between them, but one of her longtime best friends, Min Si Woo (SF9’s Hwiyoung), mixes things up and starts a love triangle by expressing his feelings for her.

“Miracle” is the perfect K-drama to enjoy if you are a hardcore K-pop fan. The two SF9 members star in this series which illuminates the music industry, and the show is all about the love of music, so you’ll enjoy a weekend full of sweet tunes! “Miracle” will get you excited to start playing some SF9 songs following your binge-watch. This adorable friendship and lighthearted love story is one you can’t miss!

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“User Not Found”

A dream life arrives for former high school outsider Yoo Min Jae (Shin So Hyun). After a personal makeover and transferring to a new school, Yoo Min Jae instantly joins the popular crowd. However, her popularity is only due to her sharing the same name as another transfer student (Han Ye Ji) who was popular at her last school. The two girls decide to trade school existences and unexpectedly form a strong friendship in the process.

This series is a must-see because the story is sweet but still has some shocking twists and turns. Outsider Yoo Min Jae’s puppy love story with Shin Yi Joon (CIX’s Bae Jin Young) is cute, while the fate of her friendships will keep you guessing. And the popular student Yoo Min Jae has a heartbreaking secret regarding her reason to keep a low profile, which involves her friend and ex-boyfriend. You won’t be able to stop watching this rare gem! “User Not Found” is a great, underrated K-drama because it’s so much more than a school series.

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“Twenty Twenty”

College students Chae Da Hee (Han Sung Min) and Lee Hyun Jin (Kim Woo Seok) are drawn to each other by past and present family drama. During their first year in college, the two freshman are suffocated by their families’ controlling ways and aim to break free. Chae Da Hee and Lee Hyun Jin start dating, and their relationships with family and friends begin to gradually change.

“Twenty Twenty” is a unique show that is unexpected. It’s addictive because Da Hee and Lee Hyun Jin’s relationship is a slow-burn one that will leave you hooked, and you’ll be anxious to see who will be the first one to start the romance, their first date details, and how their close family and friends will react to their subtle rebellion. This is a show you’ll be tempted to finish within a day and recommend to friends!

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Six teens navigate high school, friendships, and first loves in this fun K-drama. High school students Do Ha Na (Shin Ye Eun), Kim Ha Na (Lee Na Eun), Yeo Bo Ram (Billlie‘s Suhyeon), Ha Min (Kim Dong Hee), Nam Si Woo (Shin Seung Ho), and Cha Gi Hyun (Ryoo Ui Hyun) are a group of friends trying to make the best decisions in life even though they are only 18-year-old high school students. Do Ha Na, Kim Ha Na, and Yeo Bo Ram deal with jealousy and friendship rivalry, while Ha Min, Nam Si Woo, and Cha Gi Hyun joke around and fight over girls.

“A-TEEN” is the best series to watch if you are a K-drama rookie! It quickly introduces you to characters full of emotion and heart, and viewers can easily relate to them. The soundtrack is also amazing. You won’t be able to get SEVENTEEN‘s “A-TEEN” out of your head! The weekend isn’t long enough when you discover there is a “A-TEEN 2.” The binge-watching never ends with this series.

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Na Na (EXID‘s Hani) and Lee Roo Mi (Hwang Seung Eon) were best friends five years ago, but a cheating boyfriend comes between them, and it severs their close bond. When the two women meet again as head bartender and bar owner, they are given the opportunity to repair their relationship.

“XX” is the kind of K-drama that flows like a movie. It has realistic characters dealing with betrayal. There are only five episodes, but they are filled with all the necessary answers to questions you have while watching the series. Your concerns will range from the moment the betrayal happened to coping with life after friendship. “XX” is so addictive that you will be searching for a second season as soon as you finish the last episode!

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Are there any short K-dramas that you are obsessed with and would highly recommend to your friends? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

KMoody is a Soompi writer who is a longtime Korean drama fan. Her favorite dramas include “Boys Over Flowers,” “Dream High,” and “Love Alarm”! For more information about her personal and professional writing journey, follow her on Instagram at BTSCelebs.

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