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Singles Korea has released their new pictorial with VIVIZ!

While looking back on their growth over the past year as VIVIZ, the trio teased what’s to come with their third mini album “VarioUS” that drops at the end of the month.

To explain the album title, SinB shared, “We capitalized the letters ‘V’ for VIVIZ and ‘US’ to represent ourselves. It’s meant to clearly emphasize ‘us who have various images and diverse colors,’ rather than one stereotypical image.”

Eunha added, “As always, this is an album that’s full of music we are capable of that is slightly more mature. If the two albums we released previously emphasized a bright vibe, you’ll be able to feel the dark color VIVIZ has gradually built up in this album.”

Regarding the message they want to convey with their new title track “PULL UP,” SinB commented, “‘PULL UP’ features lyrics about speaking freely and not paying attention to the gaze of others. It’s a song that is fully filled with confidence.”

Umji chimed in, “Although we’ve experienced a variety of songs while promoting up until now, this title track is a song with a distinctly different and new color. It has a bold mood and is exciting, so when you listen, it feels like your confidence is naturally getting recharged.”

Eunha commented, “It captures the bold message of ‘don’t act like you know and don’t go around talking about others. But still, I don’t pay attention.'” She continued, “As every song has a different charm, not just the title track, there will be fun in picking and choosing what to listen to. Perhaps it’s because we worked on fitting a variety of tastes, but I’m confident that the overall album will be like a bountiful gift.”

Referring back to the main idea of “PULL UP,” the members of VIVIZ were asked how they would directly respond to someone gossiping about them. SinB answered, “Although it’d be great to receive love from everyone, that doesn’t work as planned. While that hurt me when I was younger, as time heals all, I now think of it as attention and have decided to love that too.” Laughing, she added, “Isn’t it good to like everything?”

Umji shared, “I’ve gotten hurt a lot trying to accept it as is and I’ve tried my best to ignore it. Now, to a certain extent, I think I’ve learned to flexibly filter it. I’m sure that’s how my inner self grows one step more.”

Eunha casually responded, “To be honest, I don’t pay attention. While I did get caught up in that in the past, I now feel like ‘just do what you want!’ I’d rather they take more interest and chatter even more. In the future too, I’m not going to get caught up in those things and rather be more grateful. So I hope people get even more obsessed!”

VIVIZ will make their comeback with “VarioUS” on January 31 at 6 p.m. KST and their full Singles feature will be available in the magazine’s February issue.

Check out VIVIZ on “Queendom 2” here!

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