7 Times K-Pop Stars Paid Homage To Their Seniors With Incredible Song Covers

For decades, K-pop has been adored because of its unforgettable tunes and lyrics. Veteran and rookie idols alike have basked in love from around the world. Sometimes, generations collide when a current generation idol pays homage to their favorite seniors, and the result is magic! Enjoy some incredible covers of catchy K-pop songs and fall in love all over again.

NewJeans – “Tell Me” (Wonder Girls)

K-pop music was changed forever when the Wonder Girls came on the scene in the early 2000s. “Tell Me” is one of their early songs with its place in the disco genre. NewJeans perfectly performs the song for today’s audience at the 2022 SBS Gayo Daejeon. The original 2008 sound is there, but it has an even lighter tune. This time around, the music extends its pop vibe, but it does not disappoint. The lyrics in “Tell Me” expresses someone’s elation that their crush reciprocates their feelings, and this great cover by NewJeans might be another favorite for your ringtone library!

SF9 – “MOVE” (SHINee‘s Taemin)

This 2017 sexy song was expertly recreated through SF9’s rendition on “Kingdom: Legendary War.” “MOVE” first came to life with its bass heavy sound, illuminating with its pop and R&B genres. SF9’s cover keeps the same elements breathing with a dose of hip hop and even more bass. And the EDM addition is explosive! “MOVE” talks about the beauty of someone that a person loves. Enjoy this cover again and again with your best friends!

ASTRO’s Moonbin and Billlie’s Moon Sua – “My Ear’s Candy” (Baek Ji Young and 2PM’s Taecyeon)

You don’t often see “My Ear’s Candy” performed by a sibling duo, but Moonbin and Moon Sua did an amazing job covering the song on “Music Bank K-Chart.” The original song talks about desiring a loving conversation from a significant other, but Moonbin and Moon Sua’s version has a completely different vibe from Baek Ji Young and 2PM member Taecyeon’s 2009 original. The first one was more romantic and strictly for lovers, while the new version seems more open to love of any kind. This version stays true to the first one by retaining the dance genre with an electrifyingly powerful bass, and Moonbin and Sua showcase their adorable sibling chemistry.

NMIXX – “How You Like That” (BLACKPINK)

“How You Like That” is all about overcoming dark situations and never losing the confidence and ability to rise up. NMIXX does a good job covering the 2020 hit single at 2022 SBS Gayo Daejeon. Their performance is fire! The original track blends EDM, hip hop, trap, club, and pop genres effortlessly, and the cover stays true to the first rendition while giving “How You Like That” a more pop vibe. NMIXX makes the song their own, and their cover encourages fans to try out all the hit songs by their favorite bands.

ATEEZ – “Boy With Luv” (BTS featuring Halsey)

ATEEZ brought their fresh energy to BTS’s hit single “Boy With Luv” during an appearance on “Music Bank” in 2019. The group excels in their singing and dancing while keeping the funk, pop, nu-disco, and electronic genres alive from the original. “Boy With Luv” expresses how the little things about a significant other can bring so much love and joy. The ATEEZ version needs to be on everyone’s go-to music playlist! It is definitely an unforgettable performance.

LE SSERAFIM – “The Boys” (Girls’ Generation)

During an appearance at the 2022 SBS Gayo Daejeon, LE SSERAFIM ruled the stage with a stellar performance of the 2011 classic song “The Boys.” The original genres of electronic dance, pop, R&B, and hip hop are all on the display as LE SSERAFIM recreates Girls’ Generation’s track effortlessly. The song is about confident young people enjoying the attention they receive and the knowledge that they can succeed in anything they want. “The Boys” is a timeless confidence booster that is great to replay when you need encouragement, and LE SSERAFIM is making this popular song the hottest trend again!

ONEUS – Tempo (EXO)

The beloved 2018 dance and R&B single maintains its enticing hip hop rhythms in this ONEUS cover. ONEUS would make EXO proud with their sleek rendition of the track, and the idols show off their sexy vocals and all-around amazing choreography. “Tempo” describes the strong relationship someone has with their significant other, and this “Tempo” cover is an unforgettable one that must be shared with your friends!

Hey Soompiers, which K-pop cover completely took you by surprise? Are there any other exceptional K-pop covers you would add to this list? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

KMoody is a Soompi writer who is a longtime Korean drama fan. Her favorite dramas include “Boys Over Flowers,” “Dream High,” and “Love Alarm!” For more information about her personal and professional writing journey, follow her on Instagram at BTSCelebs.

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