NCT DREAM's Jaemin Talks About The Greatest Indicator Of His Growth, Person He Wants To Become, And More

NCT DREAM’s Jaemin has participated in a solo pictorial with Marie Claire Korea!

As the photo shoot took place early in the year, Jaemin spoke about ringing in 2023 with SM’s agency-wide concert “2023 SMTOWN LIVE: SMCU PALACE @KWANGYA,” followed by a solo magazine feature. “To be honest, I’ve never done anything to celebrate special days like Christmas or the first day of the new year,” Jaemin confessed. “That’s why I’ve never made plans to ring in the new year in a specific way, but now that I’ve done this, I think it’s a good way to start. I’ll be able to keep my current image as a memory and I’m able to showcase this image to many people. The process is fun too. This shoot today feels more like ringing in the new year than when I did the countdown on the last day [of the year].”

Jaemin explained that he experiences time differently now that he’s older, so he was asked whether his future plans have changed with that. He answered, “My bucket list is relatively the same. I’m the type to plan a lot of different small things. This year, in addition to becoming better at snowboarding, there will also be more opportunities for us to face fans, so I’m thinking about things I can show on stage.”

Given how realistic his goals are, Jaemin spoke about how this mindset helps him clearly see his own growth. “Looking at the team of NCT, I usually feel our growth when the size or format of our concerts change and when we face our fandom Seasony [NCT’s nickname for their fan club NCTzen].”

He elaborated, “Personally, I feel [my growth] most when I’m recording. In the past, I had no idea whatsoever how the recording would be mixed and completed. I didn’t know how to use my voice. But after practicing based on the composer’s directions, I gradually began to get a grasp. Now when we receive songs, I can predict how they’ll be completed so I match my sound to that, and when that happens, I think about how I’ve grown.”

On what drives his growth, Jaemin shared, “When I was a trainee, it was the competition. After that, it was compliments. Now, it’s the existence of our fans. It’s not easy to make time just to see us and give their unchanging support. I think having people to show the improved results I’ve diligently created is the greatest driving force.”

Since NCT DREAM debuted when most of the members were only around 15 years old, “growth” is a term that is used regularly to describe the group. Now that they’re already in their eighth year of promotions, Jaemin touched on how this growth has a funny impact on their fanbase, explaining with a laugh, “I think those who have liked us since our debut view us through the perspectives of mothers and fathers. To all parents, their kids’ childhoods are the most vivid memories. That’s why even after they become adults, there are moments when they lovingly look at them as children. I think our fans are like that.”

As fans often tell NCT DREAM that they’re admirable and that they’re proud of them, Jaemin continued, “I figure they say this because the image of us standing on stage for the first time at 15, 16 years old is still so vivid for them.”

Now, Jaemin shared that he hopes to hear people say that he’s a bright and positive person with a pretty smile. As this compliment has nothing to do with his career achievements, Jaemin elaborated, “I think that’s because I want to be a good person before I am a singer and celebrity. You know the people who make you feel happy when you think of them? I want to become that kind of person.”

Since Jaemin spoke about this pictorial leaving a record of his 2023 self, he also left a written record by summarizing what he’s learned about himself through the interview. He shared, “This is personal preference, but I like the tone of the photos I took today. That’s why I’m incredibly satisfied.” Giggling, Jaemin then commented, “The conclusion is ‘Jaemin is good looking.'”

Jaemin’s full Marie Claire feature will be available in their February issue!

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