Go Soo, Heo Joon Ho, Lee Jung Eun, Ahn So Hee, And More Share Closing Comments + Bid Farewell To

The cast of “Missing: The Other Side 2” have shared their closing remarks!

tvN’s “Missing: The Other Side” is a mystery fantasy drama about villages inhabited by the souls of people who went missing while they were alive. The drama’s second season ended on January 31 with a new personal best in viewership ratings.

Following the “Missing: The Other Side 2” finale, cast members Go Soo, Heo Joon Ho, Lee Jung Eun, Ahn So Hee, Kim Dong Hwi, and Ha Jun all bid farewell to the drama with closing remarks.

Go Soo starred as Kim Wook, a righteous swindler who did everything he could to relieve the sorrows of the soul village citizens. The actor commented, “I have mixed feelings as we wrap up the long journey of ‘Missing: The Other Side’ from Season 1 to Season 2. While acting as Kim Wook, who connects and communicates between the living and the dead, it felt like I was standing right in the middle of various peoples’ stories.”

He continued, “I thank everyone who was with us for the great and touching project ‘Missing: The Other Side,’ from the staff members, writer, director, and my co-stars. I hope this remains as a project that remembers the missing who have sadly passed away, and intently listens to the stories of our neighbors, who may be similar to people we know.”

Heo Joon Ho portrayed Jang Pan Seok, who touched hearts with his fatherly love as he mourned the loss of his missing daughter. Regarding the drama’s conclusion, Heo Joon Ho shared, “I feel sad yet refreshed. It was an honor to film ‘Missing: The Other Side 2′ thanks to viewers’ love and each day [of filming] was precious. This is a drama that all the actors and staff filmed enjoyably and diligently as one. Thank you so much to those who watched. In the future too, I will work hard to create dramas and projects that will live up to your expectations.”

Among those reprising their roles from Season 1, Lee Jung Eun played a new character named Kang Eun Shil, an old-fashioned but affectionate neighborhood auntie. Lee Jung Eun shared, “Thank you to the viewers who cherished ‘Missing: The Other Side 2.’ Each time we sent off missing souls from the Third Industrial Complex soul village, I had mixed feelings. While it’s good to create a drama that provides comfort and rest, it’s incredibly fun as an actor to seek you out with a meaningful drama. In the future too, I will diligently greet you with even better projects.”

Kim Wook and Jang Pan Seok’s smart and trusty assistant Lee Jong Ah was played by Ahn So Hee. She commented, “Through the drama, it was good and meaningful to convey to viewers the cases and stories of many missing people, which I learned more about and felt more touched by while filming ‘Missing: The Other Side’ from Season 1 to Season 2. I hope that we think about, remember, and consistently pay attention to these situations that could happen to all of us.”

Kim Dong Hwi, who added tension and mystery to the drama as Oh Il Yong, shared, “Thank you so much for watching ‘Missing: The Other Side 2’ until the end. It feels like filming began just yesterday but after running and running, it’s already time to bid farewell to viewers. I hope that while watching our drama, you felt at least a bit touched and entertained.”

He continued, “I hope that ‘Missing: The Other Side’ becomes a drama that can continue moving forward with Season 3 and Season 4 with lots of love and interest from viewers. In the future too, I will work hard to become actor Kim Dong Hwi who works hard, thinks, and reflects. I ask for lots of support.”

Ha Jun captivated viewers as detective Shin Joon Ho and remarked, “It feels like the group reading we did with the happy news of Season 2 was held just recently, but its already time to say goodbye. Thank you to the viewers who loved the ‘Missing: The Other Side’ series. This is a project that has left a lasting impression. While working on Season 2, I felt an even greater sense of responsibility and duty. I realized that there are so many missing persons around us and I’m thankful that we were able to ask for interest in those people through this project.”

Ha Jun concluded, “I sincerely hope that everyone is healthy and has a happy year with the people they love. I will polish myself more diligently and do my best to greet you with more serious and sincere acting.”

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