B.I Steps Down As Head Of 131 Label + Announces Change In Album Release Schedule

B.I will be stepping down from his position as head of his agency 131 Label.

On February 3, 131 Label officially announced that B.I would be leaving his position in order to focus on his music, while the label would be managed by a brand-new team of “entertainment business professionals.”

The agency also announced that while B.I had initially planned to start the year by releasing his global album “Love or Loved Part.2,” he would now be changing his release schedule to return with his second studio album first instead. B.I previously released “COSMOS,” the first half of his second studio album, back in 2021.

According to 131 Label, B.I’s second studio album is due out in the first half of 2023, while “Love or Loved Part.2” will drop in the second half of the year.

131 Label’s full English statement (which bears minor differences to the Korean version) is as follows:

Hello everyone, this is 131.

We would like to make an announcement regarding a shift taking place in company operations as well as in B.I’s upcoming album release schedule. 

1. Change of Direction in Company Operations 

Started out as an independent label by B.I, 131 has made significant progress and expansions in business operations last year through the recruitment of hip-hop artist Reddy and placing great attention to artist development. With this as the basis, 131 is now set to restructure the label into a management system operated by entertainment business professionals, in order to fully support B.I and his creative endeavors as a producer and an artist. With this shift, our label will be joined by a diverse group of professionals with expertise in publishing, producing, artist management and more, which will stabilize 131’s business development and growth, as well as establish the ideal environment for artists and producers to focus on music and related promotions. 

2. Change of Direction in B.I’s Album Release Schedule

B.I has been continuously working around the clock for a lengthy period, completing his global album project series “Love or Loved.” Following the release and promotions of “Love or Loved PT.1” last year, the artist has been giving his all on completing his 2nd studio album as well as “Love or Loved PT.2” simultaneously. 

The decision to divide “Love or Loved” into two parts originated from the artist’s intention and desire to express his most transparent thoughts on the topic of love. Additionally, he articulated an introductory story on the fearlessness and naiveté of youth in “COSMOS,” the half album of his 2nd studio album, grounded in the idea of eternal love. After two whole years of placing his focus on the topic, we’d like to announce today that after a long internal discussion, B.I will now be moving onto his stories on having “loved.” This is so that we can better deliver his story on youth and love to all of the listeners including our dear ID’s. 

And so, instead of our aforementioned plan of starting the year with the release of his global album “Love or Loved PT.2,” the artist will put forth his 2nd studio album and express his take on “love” to a full completion first, before moving onto its past tense, which will be released in the latter half of the year. 

Please continue your love and support for B.I in his endeavor of rendering these two stories throughout the year. Thank you so much.

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