Key Friendships That Fuel The Story In “Our Blooming Youth”

Our Blooming Youth” has teased its main characters’ tight teamwork!

tvN’s “Our Blooming Youth” will tell the love story of Lee Hwan, a crown prince suffering from a mysterious curse, and Min Jae Yi, a genius woman falsely accused of murdering her family. Park Hyung Sik will star as Lee Hwan, the prince who must clear Min Jae Yi’s name, while Jeon So Nee will play Min Jae Yi, the gifted woman who will remove Lee Hwan’s curse.

On their journey, these two are joined by their three friends Han Sung On (Yoon Jong Seok), Jang Ga Ram (Pyo Ye Jin), and Kim Myung Jin (Lee Tae Sun), who make a unique and beautiful combination with their diverse backgrounds and personalities. To learn more about these youth, here are two key relationships in “Our Blooming Youth” that will play important roles in the story!

Lee Hwan and Han Sung On

Crown Prince Lee Hwan and government official Han Sung On are close friends who grew up studying together under the same teacher. However, their friendship becomes rocky when Lee Hwan falls under a mysterious curse. That’s because the prophecy of his curse states, “a friend will turn their back on you and aim their sword [at you].”

On top of that, Han Sung On comes from a venerable and meritorious family and is the son of minister Han Joong Eon (Jo Sung Ha). Ever since Lee Hwan was suddenly anointed Crown Prince, Han Joong Eon has had a close eye on him and may eventually threaten his position.

Their friendship will be further disrupted by Min Jae Yi, who is Han Sung On’s fiancée. When she’s framed as a murderer, Min Jae Yi flees to find the Crown Prince, creating an awkward situation for the friends. How will these three factors impact the long-running bond between Lee Hwan and Han Sung On?

Min Jae Yi, Jang Ga Ram, and Kim Myung Jin – Joseon’s Investigative Team

Another special friendship in “Our Blooming Youth” is the one between Min Jae Yi and Jang Ga Ram, who know what the other is thinking just from making eye contact. Even when they’re hit after being caught hopping the fence dressed as men, Min Jae Yi and Jang Ga Ram are still enjoying themselves. Despite being on opposite ends of the social spectrum as noble lady and servant, their friendship and perfect teamwork transcend status.

When Min Jae Yi is accused of murdering her family, the investigative duo set out to find Kim Myung Jin, Joseon’s biggest oddball, to try and uncover the truth. They aim to officially begin their investigation at Manyeondang, where a corpse alone can indicate cause of death. In order to be of more help to Min Jae Yi, Jang Ga Ram begs Kim Myung Jin to take her under his wing. With so many questions surrounding the murder of Min Jae Yi’s family, will this trio be able to unveil the truth?

Given the close-knit connections between their characters, the drama’s actors also dished on the group’s chemistry. Park Hyung Sik shared, “Since there are many friends my age, the atmosphere is really fun and bright. The set is overflowing with energy. Because I met these friends, I was able to film really enjoyably and happily.”

Jeon So Nee chimed in, “I believe that the distance [between the actors] that grew more comfortable as we experienced more scenes together while slowly getting to know one another is the driving force that allowed us to trust each other.”

Catch the premiere of “Our Blooming Youth,” which will be available on Viki, on February 6 at 8:50 p.m. KST.

Check out a preview for Episode 1 here!

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