6 Reasons Why Jang Won Young Is A Rising K-Pop

Whether it’s a poster or an Instagram post for a brand, TV commercial, variety program, or music show, you’ll most likely see one familiar face: IVE’s Jang Won Young. She’s everywhere! She has become a household name in Korea as well as all over the world as one of today’s most popular K-pop stars. Here are some reasons why!

Charismatic personality

Jang Won Young is known for her infectious smile and bubbly personality, which easily wins over fans. Her natural charisma and positive attitude have made her a standout member of the group, and she is well-loved by audiences for her ability to brighten any room with her presence.


Talented performer

She is a versatile performer, known for her skills in both singing and dancing. She consistently impresses audiences with her sweet voice and skilled choreography, and she is often praised for her dynamic stage presence.

Fashion and brand icon

Jang Won Young is also known for her unique sense of style and fashion. She is often seen sporting bold and edgy outfits and has become a style icon for many fans who admire her confidence and individuality. From skin care to jewelry, clothes, drinks, and food, she has proven her versatility as a model and brand ambassador. She’s a fan favorite of consumers as she gains their attention whenever she endorses a brand. Many magazines are getting her for their cover because she’s guaranteed to sell out copies! She is considered as a new “blue chip” of the advertising industry, where she is in hot demand. K-beauty brand Innisfree explained why they chose her as a model, saying, “Innisfree selected singer Jang Won Young, who expresses and enjoys her individuality with confidence, as brand ambassador to represent the brand’s value and image. Jang represents the MZ generation with her honesty and an image that sets her apart from others and will be sharing the values Innisfree pursues with customers as brand ambassador.” She can also pull off casual and high-end brands, with a wide ranging modeling portfolio for Miu Miu, Chaumet, KIRSH, Innisfree, and Laura Mercier, among many others!

Determined attitude

Aside from her cute image and cheerful personality, Jang Won Young is known for her hardworking and determined attitude, which has helped her to succeed as a performer. As the center of IVE, she is a dedicated member of the group and is constantly striving to dance the choreography perfectly while making charming facial expressions.


She’s an unbothered queen

With great popularity comes several issues, rumors, and unnecessary hate. Jang Won Young is often the target of hateful comments and criticisms for her every move. Many netizens have criticized her for the way she looks, dresses, and acts, down to the way she eats. These people don’t know her personally and don’t think that their hateful comments might affect her mental health. But even with all of these hurtful comments, Jang Won Young keeps her composure and hasn’t clapped back at the haters, proving that she is just doing her job as an idol.

Despite all this, she still keeps a smile on her face while making sure to give fan service on camera. Some fans even noticed that she often uses the gifts they have given her and always thanks them whenever she can.

Strong bond with fans

Jang Won Young has a strong bond with her fans, who admire her for her positive attitude and genuine personality. She is often seen interacting with fans on social media and at fan events, and she has become known for her ability to connect with audiences in a personal and meaningful way. In Paris when she went to see a designer show, she made sure to stop and sign some autographs for the fans.


There’s no denying that Jang Won Young has power as an idol, influencer, and overall entertainer. With her charisma and talent, fans are always waiting to see what she does next and how she will evolve as an artist in the future!

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DianneP_Kim is an English magazine and online editor based in South Korea. She is the author of a K-pop style book published by Skyhorse Publications, New York, including her second book, “BTS Bible.” Check it out on Amazon, follow her on Instagram @dianne_panda.

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