Watch: Former 9MUSES Member Minha Announces Marriage With Romantic Video And Heartfelt Letter

Former 9MUSES member Minha is tying the knot!

On February 5, Minha shared the happy news that she would be marrying her boyfriend of three years this coming May.

In addition to several photos of herself with her fiancé, Minha posted the following handwritten letter on Instagram:

Hello, this is Minha.

There’s something I wanted to say with all my heart to the many people who are always cheering me on, so I am writing a letter by hand for the first time in a long while.

I’m getting married this coming May, in the spring, a season that I love.
It’s to someone whom I met at the very end of my twenties, when I felt unsteady and on the brink of collapse; and who, over the past three years that we’ve spent together, has discovered new sides of me that even I wasn’t aware of; and who makes me smile brightly while also giving me the courage to stand up and move forward.

I once wrote in my diary about what kind of person I’d want to marry if I ever got married.
Towards the beginning of our relationship, I happened to read that old diary entry, and each and every thing [I wrote] matched the person I was now dating.
Together with this person, who found his way to me like a gift, I plan to begin the second chapter of my life and take my first steps toward a new start.

After debuting as soon as I turned 20 years old, I received a lot of love as 9MUSES member Minha, and after starting my small “sososaso” channel at the age of 29 and sharing my daily life with you all, I once again received a lot of love and support.
They were truly happy times for me, and I am so grateful that I was able to share lots of love during these radiant times.
Thanks to that warm support, I always want to become a better person.

I will try to become a person who can be one piece of your youth and deliver positive energy by sharing the little stories of daily life as your friend, older sister, or younger sister in the future.

If you would look kindly on my new beginning and give us your support, I think I will be even more happy as I make this new start. 🙂
You’ll give us lots of blessings, right?

It’s still very cold these days. Everyone, please be careful not to catch a cold, and have a happy day!

Thank you.

Minha also posted an announcement video featuring footage of her fiancé on her YouTube channel. Check out her video and photos below!

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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