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Red Balloon” is gearing up for some intense turning points in its next episodes!

TV Chosun’s “Red Balloon” is a thrilling yet passionate story about the sense of deprivation we all feel when comparing ourselves to others, the thirst of jealous ambition, and our struggles to quench that thirst. Seo Ji Hye stars as Jo Eun Kang, who dreams of becoming a teacher but instead works as a tutor after consistently failing her employment exams. Lee Sang Woo plays Han Ba Da’s (Hong Soo Hyun’s) husband Go Cha Won, who is a dermatologist.

Ahead of this week’s broadcasts of Episode 15 and 16, “Red Balloon” has shared three key turning points that will heavily impact the story. Check them out below!

Han Ba Da’s awakening

In Episode 15 and 16, all focus is on how Han Ba Da will respond now that she’s confirmed her husband’s affair with Jo Eun Kang, her best friend of 20 years. As Han Ba Da grew more and more suspicious of her friend, she confronted Jo Eun Kang about their broken friendship necklace, her father’s debt, and the Sokcho trip she sent her on, but Jo Eun Kang claimed to be innocent and only responded with tears and sadness.

Han Ba Da came to trust Jo Eun Kang once again, but as soon as her mother Yeo Jeon Hee (Lee Sang Sook) regained consciousness, she exposed her son-in-law’s affair. Yeo Jeon Hee told her daughter, “I saw them with my own two eyes. Hugging and kissing,” leaving Han Ba Da in a state of shock.

After hearing Kwon Tae Gi (Seol Jung Hwan) say “Even if I don’t know how Go Cha Won feels, I definitely know how Jo Eun Kang feels,” Han Ba Da experienced a rude awakening. She went through Go Cha Won’s phone then head to his car. On his black box, she was horrified to discover that the night Yeo Jeon Hee fainted, Jo Eun Kang had walked up to Go Cha Won’s car. Later, Han Ba Da discovered a letter written by Jo Eun Kang for Go Cha Won after they had spent the night together. After finishing the letter, Han Ba Da crumpled the page and left the car feeling angry and betrayed, raising curiosity to see how Han Ba Da will act now that she has tons of evidence of their affair.

Jo Eun Kang’s remorse

While chasing down her secret ambitions, Jo Eun Kang suffered with her anxiety and remorse. When Yeo Jeon Hee fainted from the shock of seeing Jo Eun Kang and Go Cha Won kiss, Jo Eun Kang was terrified that she would wake up and expose them. Despite her fears, Jo Eun Kang stunned viewers with her audacity as she casually lied to her best friend Han Ba Da about why her mother fainted and why she was with Go Cha Won.

Additionally, the company CEO that Jo Eun Kang secretly handed over her designs to eventually stole Han Ba Da’s designs and released a cheap product, putting Han Ba Da in a sticky situation. When Jo Eun Kang called to complain about this, the CEO threatened her by saying that she was actually an accomplice, making Jo Eun Kang very nervous. While everyone was comforting Han Ba Da through her tears, Jo Eun Kang remained conflicted. Eventually, Jo Eun Kang left Go Cha Won a text reading, “Let’s end things,” implying that she has finally begun to acknowledge her cruelty and stopped her insatiable chase of things she cannot have.

Will Ji Nam Chul become aware of Go Geum Ah and Jo Dae Geun’s meeting?

By coldly shutting out Jo Eun San (Jung Yoo Min), Ji Nam Chul (Lee Sung Jae) successfully ended their relationship and then promised his wife Go Geum Ah (Kim Hye Sun), “I’m coming back. Please wait a little.” However, Jo Eun San was unable to forget Ji Nam Chul and instead went to find his wife. Jo Eun San pleaded that Go Geum Ah give her Ji Nam Chul, which resulted in Go Geum Ah angrily slapping her husband.

The upset Go Geum Ah then sought out her ex Jo Dae Geun and they shared a tearful embrace, reflecting their deep affection and longing. With Go Geum Ah and Jo Dae Geun being ex-lovers who likely still have feelings, and Ji Nam Chul wanting to return to his family, how can things possibly unfold peacefully?

The drama’s producers commented, “In Episode 15 and 16 of ‘Red Balloon,’ the plot twists and elements of shock that have made you tense up until now will create synergy and rush in like a huge storm. Make sure not to miss this week’s broadcasts of Episode 15 and 16 to watch over the fates of these entangled characters and see what direction their lives go in.”

Episode 15 of “Red Balloon” will air on February 11 at 9:10 p.m. KST.

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