Hong Soo Hyun And Lee Sang Woo Are Caught Off Guard By Their Daughter's Sudden Tears In

Red Balloon” has shared a preview of Hong Soo Hyun and Lee Sang Woo’s emotional family meal!

TV Chosun’s “Red Balloon” is a thrilling yet passionate story about the sense of deprivation we all feel when comparing ourselves to others, the thirst of jealous ambition, and our struggles to quench that thirst. Seo Ji Hye stars as Jo Eun Kang, who dreams of becoming a teacher but instead works as a tutor after consistently failing her employment exams. Lee Sang Woo plays Han Ba Da’s (Hong Soo Hyun’s) husband Go Cha Won, who is a dermatologist.


In the drama’s previous episode, Han Ba Da came to a life-changing realization when she found substantial evidence of the affair between her husband Go Cha Won and her longtime best friend Jo Eun Kang.

After Han Ba Da’s mother Yeo Jeon Hee (Lee Sang Sook) told her she saw Go Cha Won and Jo Eun Kang kissing, and she heard another account from Kwon Tae Gi (Seol Jung Hwan), Han Ba Da decided to look for more evidence of their affair. While going through Go Cha Won’s car, she discovered his black box and a letter written by Jo Eun Kang after the pair spent the night together. Blinded by rage, Han Ba Da angrily left the car, leaving viewers wondering how she will move forward.

Ahead of the upcoming episode of “Red Balloon,” TV Chosun released photos from a tearful family lunch between Han Ba Da, Go Cha Won, and their daughter Go Mi Poong (Oh Eun Seo).

While eating as a family, Han Ba Da and Go Cha Won are sharing a serious conversation. Han Ba Da appears indifferent while Go Cha Won is trying his best to suppress his emotions, but the two are caught off guard when Go Mi Poong suddenly begins to cry. Eventually, Go Mi Poong’s tears startle Han Ba Da so much, to the point where she gets up and leaves the restaurant.

Go Mi Poong falls into her father’s arms where she continues to shed tears, raising questions about the future of this family. What will happen to them now that Han Ba Da knows about Go Cha Won’s affair? Will they be able to put their differences aside and commit to creating a happy environment for their daughter?

During filming, it’s said that Hong Soo Hyun and Lee Sang Woo impressed the drama’s crew by matching the eye-level of their on-screen daughter and helping comfort Oh Yeon Seo while she nervously prepared for the scene. Both actors also slowly articulated their lines to be extra considerate of Oh Yeon Seo, taking time to meticulously go over all areas the young actress wanted to practice. Once Oh Yeon Seo gave her flawless crying performance, her co-stars cheered her on with silent applause and thumbs ups!

The “Red Balloon” production team commented, “No matter the meaning, the tears of Mi Poong, who has sensed a breakup, will soften the hearts of Han Ba Da, Go Cha Won, and viewers. Please look forward to Episode 15 of the unpredictable ‘Red Balloon’ to see what actions Han Ba Da has chosen to take following the confirmation of Jo Eun Kang and Go Cha Won’s affair.”

The next episode of “Red Balloon” will air on February 11 at 9:10 p.m. KST.

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