GOT7’s JAY B And Jinyoung, Kim Sejeong, SEVENTEEN’s S.Coups, And More Donate To Aid Turkey/Syria Earthquake Relief Efforts

Following two devastating earthquakes that affected Turkey and Syria earlier this week, many Korean celebrities have shared donations to assist those affected.

On February 8, Jang Sung Kyu announced that he had donated 23 million won (approximately $18,200) as relief funds. DinDin also shared on Instagram that he had made a donation of 10 million won (approximately $7,900) to the Korean Red Cross.

Im Siwan and WINNER’s Kim Jin Woo each donated 10 million won (approximately $7,900) to Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association, who will deliver emergency relief supplies and medicine to the affected areas. Additionally to Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association, Yoo In Na donated 30 million won (approximately $23,700) and Shin Min Ah donated 50 million won (approximately $39,400).

Yang Dong Geun met with Turkish Ambassador Murat Tamer and Commercial Deputy Ministers Münir Oguz and Ayşe Tekin at the Turkish Embassy in Korea to personally deliver his donation of 10 million won (approximately $7,900).

Girl’s Day’s Hyeri shared a donation of 50 million won (approximately $39,400) to the Korean Committee for UNICEF, which will be used for emergency relief projects that support the nutrition, hydration, sanitation, education, and protection of children affected by the earthquakes. To the same organization, Han Ji Min and Jang Geun Suk each donated 100 million won (approximately $78,800) to also provide emergency relief for children.

GOT7’s Jinyoung’s agency BH Entertainment confirmed on February 9, “Park Jinyoung donated 30 million won [approximately $23,700] on February 8 through the international children’s rights NGO [non-governmental organization] Save the Children.” The agency added that this disaster had especially affected the artist as he had visited Turkey last year to film “Reborn Rich.”

On February 9, Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association revealed that they had received a donation of 30 million won (approximately $23,700) from Park Bo Young. The following day, the association received SEVENTEEN’s S.Coup’s donation of 20 million won (approximately $15,800) and Kim Sejeong’s donation of 40 million won (approximately $31,500). Their donations will support the purchase of items needed locally, including food, medicine, and winter clothing.

BTOB’s Eunkwang took to Instagram to publicly share his condolences and raise awareness for the disaster. He also shared his donation of 10 million won (approximately $7,900), which he made out to ChildFund Korea (also known as the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation). The president of ChildFund Korea additionally announced a donation of 60 million won (approximately $47,300) from GOT7’s JAY B, which will help support any affected children.

NGO Good Neighbors announced Kim Go Eun’s donation of 30 million won (approximately $23,700), which will go towards relief goods such as tents and clothing.

On February 10, NGO World Vision shared the donation of 50 million won (approximately $39,400) made by actress Jung Ryeo Won. Additionally, JYP Entertainment donated 500 million won (approximately $394,300) to World Vision. World Vision will use these donations to help citizens of Turkey and Syria acquire water, food, basic necessities, heating equipment, temporary housing, and more.

According to Community Chest of Korea, NCT’s Doyoung donated 100 million won (approximately $78,800). With a focus on providing temporary shelter for those affected, Doyoung’s donation will also go towards food kits, tents, blankets, and more.

Figure skating champion Kim Yuna donated $100,000 USD to the Korean Committee for UNICEF to provide emergency relief for children in Turkey and Syria. To the same organization, Kim Hye Soo and Park Seo Joon each shared a donation of 100 million won (approximately $78,800).

Under her official fan club’s name Byulharang, Chungha made a donation of 20 million won (approximately $15,800) to the Korean Red Cross. Through the International Federation of Red Cross and the Turkish/Syrian Red Crescent, this donation will support funding for winter tents and other emergency relief goods.

To Hope Bridge Korea Disaster Relief Association, singer MC Mong made a donation of 100 million won (approximately $78,800) which will be used to rebuild medical facilities and treat the injured.

At the time of writing, the combined death toll in Turkey and Syria is over 22,000. We send our deepest condolences to everyone affected by this tragedy.

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