NewJeans’ Minji Talks About Feeling Lucky In Her 1st Pictorial As Chanel Ambassador

NewJeans’ Minji has posed for her first pictorial as a brand ambassador for Chanel!

In what marks her very first photo shoot as an official Chanel ambassador, Minji graced the cover of Elle magazine’s March issue in the brand’s signature tweed.

After the shoot, Minji sat down to chat about NewJeans’ blossoming career. When asked about her previous pictorial for Elle (for the magazine’s September 2022 issue), the idol mused, “It’s really fascinating seeing different sides of myself captured in videos or photos. I think that when more time has passed and I return to look at them again, all of these things will remain as even happier memories.”

As for her thoughts on luck, Minji remarked, “I personally think of myself as someone with good luck. A lucky opportunity came to me early, and when those kinds of opportunities came my way, I tried to seize them.”

Finally, Minji revealed the feedback that makes her feel happiest after a performance.

“The response I like hearing the most [from someone who’s seen us perform] is that they felt happy the entire time they were watching our performance,” she shared. “It makes me feel proud that we were able to convey our energy while actually having fun performing on stage.”

Minji’s full interview and pictorial can be found in the March issue of Elle magazine.

Watch Minji in NewJeans’ variety show “NewJeans Code in Busan” with subtitles below!

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