Jeon Do Yeon And Daughter Noh Yoon Seo Grow Closer After Revealing The Truth About Their Relationship In

“Crash Course in Romance” has shared heartwarming new stills of Jeon Do Yeon and Noh Yoon Seo!

tvN’s “Crash Course in Romance” is a drama about the unlikely love story between Nam Haeng Sun (Jeon Do Yeon), a former national athlete who now runs her own side dish shop, and Choi Chi Yeol (Jung Kyung Ho), a star instructor in Korea’s elite private education sphere.


In the previous episode, Hae Yi (Noh Yoon Seo) made a courageous decision for the happiness of her mother Haeng Sun. In the past, Hae Yi had confided in a friend and told them that Haeng Sun was actually her aunt and not her biological mother. However, Hae Yi ended up getting betrayed by the friend she trusted, leaving her deeply hurt. When Haeng Sun and Chi Yeol’s relationship comes to light and is regarded negatively, Hae Yi blames herself when these past wounds make her unable to tell the truth.

While crying in the arms of her mom’s friend Young Joo (Lee Bong Ryun), Hae Yi sadly comments, “If I just tell the truth, mom wouldn’t have to be mistaken like this, and my teacher wouldn’t have a hard time either. But I don’t have the courage.”

However, the loving relationship between Haeng Sun and Chi Yeol eventually gives Hae Yi the courage she needs to confess the truth about her and her mother’s relationship. While announcing that Haeng Sun is really her aunt, Hae Yi boldly states, “This is romance, not a scandal.” With this, viewers are left even more excited to see the happy days to come in Haeng Sun and Chi Yeol’s relationship.

The new stills show Haeng Sun sending Hae Yi off to school. Although they’re not speaking, there is so much warmth, love, and emotion in their eyes. Finally, as if expressing her understanding of how much Hae Yi has just gone through, her mother gives her a sincere hug. As if showing that she’s okay, Hae Yi gives her mom a soft smile before leaving. Watching on, Haeng Sun’s expression captures a lot of different emotions, including feeling proud and thankful.

Despite the scandal, both Haeng Sun’s family and relationship were able to survive and come out even stronger. In particular, Haeng Sun warmed viewers hearts through her bond with her daughter Hae Yi, whom she’s occasionally able to depend on and feel comforted by, just like a friend. Now that they’ve overcome a big hurdle, stay tuned to see how this happy family’s future will unfold.

The next episode of “Crash Course in Romance” airs on February 18 at 9:10 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, catch Jeon Do Yeon in “Emergency Declaration” below!

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