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The competition is ramping up on “Boys Planet,” and episode 3 saw the trainees gearing up for the first mission—the K vs. G-Group Battle. Featuring songs from K-pop’s best and brightest million-seller groups, it’s a star-studded episode. There will be spoilers ahead if you’re not caught up, so make sure to watch the third episode!

K-Group’s “VERY NICE” team

Any SEVENTEEN fan will know that their song “VERY NICE” involves some seriously difficult vocal lines. It takes a strong team to be able to pull it off, and all-star trainee Mun Jung Hyun was having a hard time hitting the notes while performing the choreography. When it came down to the group meeting though, his teammates reassured him. He kept his part for the final performance, with the faith of his teammates to back him up. No matter how the final performance went, it’s nice to see the trainees working together and putting trust in each other.

G-Group’s “Kill This Love” team

It makes sense that line distribution gets messy when four-member girl group BLACKPINK‘s songs are split into more parts. The six-member G-Group’s main rapper Keita was understanding when Min felt that he hadn’t gotten enough lines, and he even opted to share his part. Unfortunately, it wasn’t allowed for the sake of fair judgement, but team leader Zhang Hao was supportive when it came to making Min’s part the best it could be. Even if it didn’t end up happening, Keita’s heart was in the right place—and it was lovely to see Zhang Hao caring for the trainees that made him their leader.

K-Group’s “Back Door” team

As one of the older trainees on the show, Kim Ji Woong naturally fell into the leader’s role for K-Group’s “Back Door” team. That doesn’t mean that he started to use his power right away though—in fact, he insisted that the group’s opinion was the most important, and as the leader, he would listen to their thoughts rather than force his way. He also worked hard to reassure Han Yu Jin, one of the show’s younger contestants, and help him feel more confident. Seeing the older trainees support younger group members is always heartwarming, and Kim Ji Woong has already proven himself to be a great leader.

G-Group’s “VERY NICE” team

It seems that the K-Group trainees would be at an advantage when it comes to teamwork since the G-Group trainees come from various countries around the world while the K-Group trainees are all from Korea. The G-Group “VERY NICE” team struggled a lot at first when it came to teamwork, but after a heartfelt conversation and a lot of hard work, they were able to pull together an amazing performance. It’s all about the process, and watching the trainees learn and grow together is one of the best parts of the show!

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