7 K-Pop Songs That Are The Best First Love Confessions

Do you need a little extra encouragement when it comes to confessing to your crush? K-pop might have the perfect song for you! This special genre knows how to craft just the right lyrics and melodies to melt all the hearts. Boy bands, girl groups, and even soloists have created the ideal songs for first love confessions. Check out these tracks for some inspiration.

AKMU – “200%”

Nothing expresses first love butterflies like this song! The single “200%” is all about someone’s growing affection for the person they like. They are anxious to gather up the courage to confess to them. AKMU’s song has great elements of R&B, soul, and dance all mixed in, and this song is so fun and upbeat! You and your best friends can enjoy listening to this song before and after you take a chance on love.

GOT7 – “Confession Song”

This holiday song from GOT7 is a great blend of R&B, electronic, and dance! It combines popular genres into the perfect gift that can be shared with first loves year-round. The lyrics in “Confession Song” express the romantic feelings that someone has for their crush. The song itself is literally a confession! When you play this single for your special someone, they will have no trouble understanding your heart. You might just get your response in a matter of time.

Seo In Guk – “Tease Me”

If you are shy when it comes to confessing to your first love, Seo In Guk has a classic song that was made for you! “Tease Me” is all about taking it slow in a new relationship. In order to aim for a meaningful and long-term relationship, the song expresses an overwhelming desire to approach a perfect love gradually. “Tease Me” is a smooth ballad with an R&B vibe. The iconic track is great for confessing, and it even becomes a great song to play in the midst of a budding relationship.

MOMOLAND – “Starry Night”

Do you want to confess to your first love on a romantic night under the stars? The lyrics in MOMOLAND’s “Starry Night” express someone’s wish to confess to their crush on a starry night. The lyrics continue to say that they are shy and nervous about the moment of confession. This single is a great combination of pop and dance genres and emits the energy of exciting city life. If you are shy and are planning to meet your crush on a night filled with stars, “Starry Night” is the go-to song for you!

aespa – “Dreams Come True”

This S.E.S remake is fire! “Dreams Come True,” which was originally a popular S.E.S song released in the ’90s, is the perfect song to share with your crush during a sweet love confession. The dance track has recognizable vibes from pop and hip hop genres mixed in. “Dreams Come True” talks about someone waiting for their lover, and they feel like their dreams come true when they are able go on a date. While sharing this song, you can even use the fun choreography as an added bonus to your first love confession.

ASTRO – “Confession”

ASTRO melts hearts everywhere with this sweet love song! “Confession” expresses a good guy’s desire to get out of the friend-zone and start dating their close friend, who just happens to like bad boys. The song openly confesses their romantic feelings to the friend. “Confession” is the best song to play when you decide to make a grand gesture to a close friend. If you’re certain your first love will return you affections, this might be your winning song!

HI SUHYUN (feat. Bobby) – “I’M DIFFERENT”

For all the brave romantics, Lee Hi and AKMU’s Lee Suhyun teamed up to bring the sassy song “I’M DIFFERENT.” iKON’s Bobby also joins the ladies as a guest rapper on the single. “I’M DIFFERENT” is a duet that combines R&B, jazz, and funk. The lyrics talk about someone’s immense desire to date their crush. They even mention their impatience for their crush to approach them first! If you are bold and flirty, this is a fun song to play during your first love confession. It’s a great example of people that have so much confidence!

Hey Soompiers, which romantic K-pop song would you use as a first love confession? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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