5 Reasons To Watch Delightful C-Drama

A true C-drama awakening arrives in the form of the historical romance “Choice Husband.” The delightful series centers around heiress Shen Miao (Zhang Xue Ying) and her two ex-husbands, Pei Yan Zhen (Xing Zhao Lin) and Song Xi Yuan (Riley Wang). Fate has intertwined the comedic trio in love, and Shen Miao’s wealth makes her a woman they will easily fight over. It’s a very unique C-drama that you don’t want to miss. Here are five reasons you should be watching it!

The adorable cast

This historical romance boasts a gorgeous cast! The drama features many stars you may recognize from past productions. Zhang Xue Ying plays character He Hong Yi in the historical crime series “Hot-Blooded Youth,” but in “Choice Husband,” she takes on the role of the heiress Shen Miao. Her character is in a love triangle between her two ex-husbands.

Actors Xing Zhao Lin and Riley Wang complete the stunning main cast. You might remember Xing Zhao Lin as CEO Ji Chen in the romantic comedy C-drama “Accidentally Meow On You,” while Riley Wang played the character Yan Ke in the romantic comedy series “First Romance.” For “Choice Husband,” Xing Zhao Lin portrays the frail scholar Pei Yan Zhen, who is the Prefect of Lingzhou and Shen Miao’s first husband. Riley Wang takes on the role of the younger husband Song Xi Yuan. He hails from a small but significant mercantile family. All of the cast members are perfect for their roles, and their acting is delightfully lighthearted.

The fun story

Set in the upscale city of Lingzhou, “Choice Husband” follows the story of a young woman named Shen Miao, who is a beautiful and rich daughter of a successful merchant. Shen Miao’s family is one of the wealthiest in the city, and men are anxious to marry her in order to gain money and status in life. In the midst of her efforts to reject greedy men, scholar Pei Yan Zhen and mercantile heir Song Xi Yuan actually succeed in marrying her. Even though their unions are only short-lived, they are both on individual missions to win her back.

“Choice Husband” is one C-drama ride that you don’t want to miss. The humor is so entertaining that you almost forget you are watching a historical series, especially because many historical shows have heavy war and fighting elements. The delicious comedy transcends time and space. For example, during Shen Miao and Pei Yan Zhen’s wedding night, they both try to outsmart each other by getting the other drunk and not consummating the marriage, and the sneaky mission is accomplished! All the actors have great chemistry, and it’s easy to believe that they have known each other their entire lives. They truly immerse you in the story as it unfolds in front of your eyes.

A genre that is full of surprises

It’s not everyday you find numerous lighthearted moments in a historical C-drama, but “Choice Husband” delivers many moments of pure delight. The C-drama is categorized under the historical and romance genres, and it is a dream come true. The drama brings hilarious scenes like Pei Yan Zhen being kidnapped on his wedding day by his ex-girlfriend, Shen Miao scheming with her father on how to divorce her first husband before her wedding day, and the ex-husbands of Shen Miao ruining her matchmaking date with her potential third husband.

This show is a wonderful surprise that just keeps on giving. From episode 1, it will warm your heart and instantly draw you in. The great acting and unexpected story are worth watching every episode. This show redefines historical C-dramas with its gratifying humor alone! Be excited as you anticipate the comedic moments that are sure to amaze in each regal and romantic scene.

Stunning period costumes

“Choice Husband” is set in a beautiful historical time period, and that means there are gorgeous clothes to covet. Besides the lovely everyday attire, Shen Miao and Pei Yan Zhen wow the audience on their wedding day with a lucky and eye-catching red dress and classic robe. Their nobility is elevated with the regal color and elegant fabric, and they both look stunning!

Period wedding attire is something that should never go out of style, and the influence of this show is powerful that it might have the ability to persuade a new generation to incorporate fashion from past dynasties into the present-day. Not only will everyone be paying homage to the past by wearing dresses, robes, and tunics with sweet historical elements, but it could serve as a great history lesson as well. A solid knowledge of the past equips everyone to have a better tomorrow, and this drama’s costume choices are very well done.

Breathtaking scenery

From its scenes of serene nature to the splendid architecture, “Choice Husband” blows viewers away with the affluent Lingzhou city. The Shen home has elaborate rooms for Shen Miao and her parents to relax, and they are all surrounded by splendor!

Shen Miao even has enough room on her property for a professional outdoor stage play. Her first husband Pei Yan Zhen is able to recreate the theater in their first home as well. And Pei Yan Zhen’s theater is so impressive that Shen Miao’s heart is moved.

“Choice Husband” lets your imagination run wild. It allows the audience to travel back in time and be entertained by wonderful fictional characters, and the series is like a dream come to life with all its breathtaking scenery that just adds to the story. It wouldn’t be the same without the amazing homes, backyards, and city streets. Every scene holds some magic because of the scenery. You don’t want to miss it!

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