5 Reasons To Watch Mind-Boggling Sci-Fi C-Drama

Three-Body” is a C-drama unlike any other. The show centers around a reserved professor named Wang Miao (Zhang Lu Yi). He meets police detective Shi Qiang (Yu He Wei), who is investigating the mysterious deaths of several scientists over a short period of time. Shi Qiang requests Wang Miao to join an elite science group to find out their involvement. But “Three-Body” has a big twist, with a strange alien invasion threat lurking in the background. Everything you know about C-dramas will be put to the test as you experience the series of a lifetime in “Three-Body”: it’s filled with all sorts of entertainment! Here are five reasons you and your loved ones should be watching this sci-fi drama.

The wonderful main cast

This sci-fi series boasts a wonderful trio of main actors. You may remember leading actor Zhang Lu Yi as character Wu Lao Gou in the supernatural historical C-drama “The Mystic Nine.” In “Three-Body,” he stars as Wang Miao, a professor and scientist experimenting with nanomaterials.

Actor Yu He Wei takes on the role of police detective Shi Qiang. He is known for his previous role as Wang Lin in the period romance C-drama “The Rebel Princess.” The policeman approaches Wang Miao with the mission of solving recent deaths related to an elite science group called The Frontiers of Science.

Then there’s Li Xiao Ran, who plays Shen Yu Fei, the lead scientist of The Frontiers of Science group. The actress previously starred as Tan Jing in the romance C-drama “Because of Love.” Shen Yu Fei meets Wang Miao during her group’s meetings and encourages him to embrace a new wisdom, which is a world where logical science doesn’t exist.

Each star does an amazing job in their roles, and they will have you believing that they are truly the characters they portray on-screen. Zhang Lu Yi, Yu He Wei, and Li Xiao Ran are excellent actors who have the ability to wow viewers throughout the entire series!

The astounding story

“Three-Body” is a mind-boggling adventure into the unknown. After a string of mysterious deaths, Professor Wang Miao meets police detective Shi Qiang and the rest of the Asian Defense Council in the Battle Command Center. The military team asks Wang Miao to join the mystical Frontiers of Science group to find out why so many of its members, as well as international scientists in general, are dying. The group, which is controlled by scientist Shen Yu Fei, opens up Wang Miao’s mind to incomprehensible science theories and the possibility of an alien invasion on earth.

This drama is gripping from the very beginning! It immediately attracts viewers with its sci-fi idea of aliens threatening to invade earth. The strange and overly reserved personality of Shen Yu Fei is enough to encourage the audience to continue watching. Between the mysterious secrets she must be hiding and Wang Miao’s growing curiosity of unknown science and the alien universe, “Three-Body” is guaranteed to entertain you for many hours!

The dual genre

“Three-Body” fits into the sci-fi category with a touch of drama. Watching this sci-fi drama will open up your mind to a whole new world as Wang Miao begins the space fiction by imagining objects floating around instead of following the laws of gravity. The show also fits into the drama genre as it centers around the humanity of the main cast. We learn early in the series that Wang Miao has a family and that he is just an average man who happens to be a scientist.

If you have never given sci-fi a chance, “Three-Body” is a great start. Sci-fi is common in films, but C-drama fans aren’t able to enjoy numerous hours of it in a series. This show is a rare gem, as its captivating story and use of special effects are more than enough to entertain audiences every minute. Plus the story will tug at your heartstrings when you think about the main character’s family as well as the loved ones of the many victims related to The Frontiers of Science. This show is a thriller and a tearjerker all rolled-up into one C-drama.

The inventive scenery

The futuristic nature of “Three-Body” is exciting! It starts in a deserted distant land and quickly transports viewers to ’00s China. The buildings and natural landscape appear to be regular everyday scenery. However, Wang Miao and Shi Qiang’s first meeting at the Asian Defense Council’s headquarters starts to open Wang Miao’s eyes to the possibility of a new kind of normal. The Asian Defense Council’s headquarters is in a museum. Dinosaur bones take up residence in the middle of the building. The C-drama’s scenery continues to transform as Wang Miao imagines inanimate objects floating and zooming in space, and even a picture on a wall in The Frontiers of Science headquarters has a life of its own. The picture turns three-dimensional and seems to have a hypnotic power.

Stunning scenery takes on a whole new meaning in this series. “Three-Body” makes you examine the characters’ surroundings to see what inventive new design appear. You’ll be happy to witness a feast for the eyes in the form of historical art and special effects. The production team did an incredible job making sure “Three-Body” stands out among the rest of the sci-fi C-dramas. There’s always a moment of the inventive scenery that is sure to take you by surprise.

Challenging modern science

The C-drama exercises viewers’ imagination with the pretend idea that science isn’t real. Specifically, the series mentions that physics doesn’t exist. Science fans will be mesmerized at the statements claiming Isaac Newton’s classical mechanics and Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity may have no relevance in the real world. The Frontiers of Science group challenges its members to believe that neither of the theories are true. Wang Miao even starts imagining that gravity doesn’t exist and inanimate objects can fly in the air on their own.

“Three-Body” is haunting in its description of science and make their statements seem true. Science geniuses will have fun dreaming about an alternate world where science is non-existent. That fantasy will keep viewers interested from episode 1 until the end of the series. It’s amusing to watch another type of universe, and it’s even more thrilling to see humans fight against the aliens’ absurd ideas. This show does a great job creating that unfathomable world!

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