SM Denies Rumors About EXO's Suho + To Take Legal Action

SM Entertainment has firmly denied rumors about EXO’s Suho stemming from a series of recent Instagram posts.

On February 23, a stylist (hereafter referred to as “A”) made several posts on Instagram Stories accusing an unnamed celebrity of not having returned many pairs of expensive brand-name sneakers. The stylist, who is known to work with top idol groups, also threatened to reveal the star’s name if they did not return the sneakers in question.

Posting photos of various pairs of sneakers, the stylist wrote, “Send them all back, without missing even a single one. I’m sick and tired; what’s the reason you’re not giving them back? Buy them with your own money… I’ve been organizing over the past few days, and you really took so freaking many… it’s been six months since you said you’d return them, so when are you giving them back? I also hate to write [about this matter] on Instagram like this, so sort this out before I reveal your real name.”

The stylist continued, “Stop living a fake life and be mindful of others. Stop contacting the people around me, and buy the things you need with your own money. You have lots of money, so please use some of your own money… I think there are over 300 pairs aside from these [that I’m posting here]. Really, stop pretending to be kind and stop lying and learn some humanity… you said you would give them back, so sort this all out. I bought all of these with my own money.”

“I’m debating a lot whether to have them write and post an apology,” added the stylist, before warning, “If you make me angry one more time, I’m going to go around telling people about everything.”

As speculation began to grow online that the celebrity in question was Suho, SM Entertainment responded on February 24 with a strongly worded statement denying the rumors and announcing that they planned to take legal action.

SM Entertainment’s full statement is follows:

The post that is currently being spread online and that is speculated to be about Suho is completely groundless, and it is a clear falsehood that has nothing to do with Suho.

Regarding the creation of a post that could evoke our artist with malicious intent, we are currently in the process of preparing to sue for libel and defamation through a legal representative, and we will also take strong legal action against the thoughtless spreading of related rumors.

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