Shin Ye Eun Describes Her Colorful Personality And How She Deals With Being A Workaholic

The new issue of Dazed magazine features Shin Ye Eun!

The colorful pictorial was inspired by the actress, of which she commented, “I was touched. Just the fact that I’ve become someone who can inspire a project is fascinating, and perhaps that’s why I felt especially comfortable on this set. Because I just needed to do as I wanted and showcase my unique charms.”

Although she has described herself as being on the blunt side, the interviewer mentioned how playful Shin Ye Eun actually is. The actress explained, “It’s not that I think ‘I have to make a joke,’ but I feel good when someone laughs at something I didn’t necessarily have to do.”

She added while laughing, “My agency’s PR team comes when I film and they say there aren’t any photos they can use. When I ask them to send me photos, there are times when there aren’t any good ones so they often have to request that I take them again.”

Touching on her workaholic tendencies, Shin Ye Eun elaborated, “After starting to work again following a long period of rest, it’s now been one year since I’ve charged forward with the mindset of focusing on work without paying attention to anything else.’

The actress continued, “But from a certain point on, like a workaholic, I was so tired because I’d get up earlier to exercise or study and do other things. I could’ve just slept but I’d look for something to do out of anxiety, and after wandering, I figured, ‘working hard has to be done in moderation, overdoing everything is not possible.’ Once I get home, I might head to a study café with bloodshot eyes, but I keep saying in my head, ‘let’s sleep, let’s play.'”

Shin Ye Eun added, “Even if I leave it alone, I feel anxious, but when I work, my body is tired. That’s why I’m currently figuring out how to rest by playing with my friends and doing my hobbies. But I still have to take my supplements. I really think I survive off the strength of supplements. Especially multi-vitamins!”

Check out Dazed’s March issue for Shin Ye Eun’s full interview and pictorial!

Shin Ye Eun’s upcoming drama “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse” premieres on March 20 at 10:00 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki. Check out a teaser here!

While waiting, watch Shin Ye Eun in “Meow, the Secret Boy” below:

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