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It’s crunch time on “Boys Planet” as the trainees prepare for the first round of eliminations from the show. Tensions were undoubtedly high during episode 3 as the last few performances from the K vs. G-Group Battle challenge were presented. Here are some of the highlights from each performance—beware of spoilers if you’re not caught up on episodes 3 and 4!

K-Group – BTS’s “Danger”

A release from BTS’s early days, “Danger” is a high-intensity song with powerful choreography, high vocal lines, and raps that carry the majority of the track. That’s where the K-Group performance shines the most—the group built a really strong rap section that brings the stage together. No performance can be perfect, but this team’s rap section nailed it.

G-Group – BTS’s “Danger”

According to the mentors’ assessment, the K-Group performance allowed the trainees to shine individually, while the G-Group brought their best as a team. It’s easy to see with this particular song how important stage presence is, and being confident as a group makes this performance stand out. It’s a tough song, but they worked hard and succeeded together.

K-Group – Stray Kids’ “Back Door”

It’s hard to pick just one highlight from such an amazing performance! This team consisted of a lot of high flyers in terms of skill assessments, with all trainees except one ranking at three or more stars. They all looked equal on this stage though, and the team’s energy is what makes this performance so engaging to watch. Stray Kids’ songs definitely require high energy!

G-Group – Stray Kids’ “Back Door”

“Back Door” has some seriously strenuous choreography, with the most high-energy part right at the end. Being able to pace the intensity is key to providing a stable performance, and that’s what the G-Group excelled at. They brought all the energy when it was needed but kept the moves clean to maximize all aspects of the performance.

K-Group – NCT DREAM’s “Hot Sauce”

It was clear from this group’s rehearsal process that attention to detail was their strength. Leader Park Han Bin worked the team hard to ensure that every member was up to scratch, and the practice paid off. Keeping every detail in mind during practice meant that the team could let loose on stage, and “Hot Sauce” had all the playful freedom of the NCT DREAM original.

G-Group – NCT DREAM’s “Hot Sauce”

NCT DREAM is made up of the youngest members of NCT, and the sub-unit has a distinct, fresh vibe to their songs that takes a trained eye to replicate. That bright energy is what makes this G-Group performance special—they analyzed “Hot Sauce” really well, playing to the trainees’ individual strengths and pulling out the perfect vibes for the stage.


Especially for the vocalists, EXO’s “LOVE ME RIGHT” is an incredibly difficult song to cover. This high-caliber team put their faith in each other though, which really let them bring their best. By building trust and strong bonds throughout the rehearsal process, they were able to put on a performance that even seemed easy. It was a fun stage to watch for sure!


Whereas the K-Team version of this song was very true to the EXO original, the G-Group rendition played up the charm. It was a cuter, funnier version that added a whole new dimension, and it definitely made this performance memorable. While doing right by the original song is important in a cover, this team proved that adding a twist can also make it special.


The K-Group team made excellent use of improvisation throughout their stage, with cute facial expressions and gestures that brought their performance to the next level. The constant smiles gave the group amazing energy and allowed each team member the chance to shine during their part. It’s not an easy song, but they did well—and that high note was to die for!


SEVENTEEN is a 13-member group, which means that each team member’s individual responsibility is pretty much doubled when “VERY NICE” is reduced to a seven-part stage. The G-Group team was very stable when it came to presence and performance throughout the whole stage, giving an exciting and youthful overall impression.

K-Group – BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love”

As the mentors pointed out during episode 3, the K-Group team did a great job of adapting a girl group song for male performers. By making sure that the choreography was fierce and the stage presence powerful, they managed to completely switch up the vibe of the song and make it a performance entirely their own. It was all locked in!

G-Group – BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love”

Just as reducing the number of parts makes things tough, increasing the number of parts is difficult too. It makes highlighting each member harder, but the G-Group team did a great job of making it work. They made use of every second of the song, bringing the energy of the performance from the second the lights came up. The result was cohesive but still made each part stand out.

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