Shin Ye Eun Talks About Starring In Her 1st Historical Drama

Shin Ye Eun has teased what to look forward to in her upcoming drama “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse”!

Based on a hit web novel, SBS’s “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse” is a mystery romance about an unconventional boarding house and three students who stay there as lodgers. Shin Ye Eun will star as Yoon Dan Oh, the owner of boarding house Yihwawon, while RyeounKang Hoon, and Jung Gun Joo will play three “flower scholars” who rent rooms—and are each hiding their own secrets.

In a new interview, Shin Ye Eun has dished on the charms of her upcoming character. In her first-ever historical drama, Shin Ye Eun will play Yoon Dan Oh, the owner of boarding house Yihwawon. Although she was born the precious youngest daughter of a wealthy and noble family, Yoon Dan Oh suddenly becomes her family’s breadwinner and must step up as the boss of Yihwawon.

On starring in the first historical drama of her career, Shin Ye Eun commented, “I remember holding on to my script all day long. On the most basic level, I focused on the tone and lines that suit historical dramas, as well as my enunciation and pronunciation of all the words, and prepared by searching for the details of each scene.”

Shin Ye Eun explained that her character has a lot of charms that viewers will enjoy, confidently sharing, “Yoon Dan Oh is someone I want to be like. She’s smart and is a charming person who leaves droplets of her loveliness behind. Yoon Dan Oh fits in well in any environment and can be loved by anyone, so I believe viewers will also love her with that mindset.”

The actress shared of their similarities, “Yoon Dan Oh and I are the type to lead our own lives by ourselves. We have a strong sense of independence and feel a strong responsibility to solve our issues on our own.” Shin Ye Eun jokingly added of their differences, “I’m not at Yoon Dan Oh’s level of keeping all the love of the cool scholars.”

Thinking back to when Ryeoun, Kang Hoon, and Jung Gun Joo were cast as the three flower scholars, Shin Ye Eun remarked, “When I first heard about Kang Hoon’s acting, I didn’t have much of a reaction. I think I had the certainty of ‘of course he will do well.’ That’s how much of a trustworthy actor he is.”

She continued, “When I first heard about Jung Gun Joo’s casting, I clapped. He suits the image of [his character] Jung Yoo Ha that I was thinking of and is someone who really suits the term ‘daddy long legs.’ After hearing Ryeoun’s voice at our first script reading, I thought ‘wow!’ to myself. I thought he had a voice that really suited historical dramas and because he was so considerate right from our first meeting, I felt thankful that I had gained such a good partner.”

Shin Ye Eun added, “These three actors and I have now developed a bond where we laugh just from seeing each other’s faces. It was to the point where we had to keep a distance, out of concern that getting too close would be a distraction when acting. Their individual charms are so different so the energy I receive when filming [with each of them] is also different.”

Regarding the greatest gift of “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse,” Shin Ye Eun chose working with various senior actors. She elaborated, “When there were scenes that I couldn’t quite figure out, I had seniors tell me ways I could resolve them, and I also had seniors who gave me acting advice not just on set, but in personal meetings too. There was a scene I prepared for on my own, but the second I locked eyes with my senior, I felt the thrill of putting aside my preparations and creating the scene with the emotions and chemistry I felt in the moment. Through this project, I gained a lot of experience with what it means to go back and forth.”

She added, “My senior once told me, ‘I feel assured that ‘The Secret Romantic Guesthouse’ has Ye Eun,’ and that really gave me a lot of strength.”

The actress emphasized how the drama’s historical aspects highlighted the beauty of Korea then advised viewers, “Since Yoon Dan Oh has a relationship with all the other characters, it’s a pretty good tip to watch the drama while following Yoon Dan Oh’s flow.” Lastly, Shin Ye Eun commented, “As this is a project I’ve created with a ton of affection, I want to show viewers as soon as possible. Come to Yihwawon!”

The drama’s production team shared, “Shin Ye Eun is a thorough actress who does not set limits on her character immersion. Through ‘The Secret Romantic Guesthouse,’ we ask that you check out Shin Ye Eun’s lively acting, as if Yoon Dan Oh popped right out of the script.”

The first episode of SBS’s “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse” airs on March 20 at 10 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki!

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