SEVENTEEN's DK Dishes On BSS's Comeback, What Gives Him Strength, And More

SEVENTEEN’s DK has showcased his charms through ELLE Korea’s dreamy pictorial!

Earlier on February 6, SEVENTEEN’s sub-unit BSS returned with the new single album “SECOND WIND.” DK described, “It is our comeback in five years since our debut track ‘Just Do It,’ and it is also BSS’s first single album. A total of three songs are included, and we thought a lot about making an album that could give people strength. All members actively participated in writing the lyrics and composing the songs.”

The title track of BSS’s first single album is “Fighting.” When asked what his driving force is, DK replied, “It is the members. When the members are by my side, I gain strength and more confidence. I don’t think I’m the type of person who can do well with confidence if I have to do something all alone. However, while filming [alone] today, I wanted to try something new. [At first I thought,] ‘I’m going to be wearing these kind of clothes?’ But the outcome is great, which makes me feel great too, and it is really fun.”

When asked what is something he would like to excel at, DK shared, “Singing. [BSS is] the vocalist [unit] team of SEVENTEEN, and it is also one of the reasons why many people like me. I’m still working hard on it, but now that I’m in my eighth or ninth year [being a singer], I’ve come to accept the fact that there are bound to be ups and downs. Sometimes I think, ‘Since I’ve achieved this much today, I will be able to do better tomorrow,’ but the next day, it doesn’t work out like I hoped. In the past, I felt very frustrated in such situations, but these days I have been able to control my mind a bit. Which is good. Even if I get frustrated, I just keep trying.”

When asked which time of the day suits him the most, DK answered, “It is dawn. I like spending time alone in the early morning, but I have a lot of good memories spent with the members around that time. It was always at dawn when we were playing around mindlessly after being exhausted from practicing or when we sat around in a circle and got things off our chests. It was tough sometimes, but looking back now, there were many good and rewarding moments.”

Check out more stunning photos below!

DK’s full pictorial and interview will be available in the March issue of Elle Korea and on their website.

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