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SBS’s upcoming drama “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse” has shared new stills of Ryeoun!

Based on a hit web novel, “The Secret Romantic Guesthouse” is a mystery romance about an unconventional boarding house and three students who stay there as lodgers. Shin Ye Eun will star as Yoon Dan Oh, the owner of boarding house Yihwawon, while Ryeoun, Kang Hoon, and Jung Gun Joo will play three “flower scholars” who rent rooms—and are each hiding their own secrets.

Ryeoun stars as the charismatic and independent Kang San, a scholar studying martial arts. Regarding the drama’s genre, Ryeoun shared, “I think the sageuk (historical drama) genre is one that any actor wants to try at least once.” He continued, “‘The Secret Romantic Guesthouse’ is a fusion sageuk, so I tried to find and watch a lot of dramas with a similar vibe to that. Since it is my first time trying this genre, my resolve to do well is really big. I prepared steadily with the mindset I had when I first debuted.”

The actor continued, “I think the tone of delivery in sageuk is really important. I found a lot of reference material regarding sageuk, and in addition to asking for advice from many senior actors around me, I found a direction after communicating with the director and scriptwriter.” Regarding his role of Kang San, Ryeoun elaborated, “Before filming the drama, I contacted the martial arts director on days I didn’t have scheduled activities, and I went to practice every day that worked [for the director]. I went at least two to three times a week, and I practiced martial arts for approximately four hours every time I went.” Since his character is very skilled in martial arts, Ryeoun shared that he tried to pay attention to details such as a swordsman’s composure, the movement of his blade, and breathing.

On his similarities with his character Kang San, Ryeoun commented, “He also doesn’t talk a lot, is serious, and has a lot on his mind.” However, he added, “When [Kang San] expresses his feelings, he tends to talk in a prickly manner, but I don’t think I do.”

Ryeoun also revealed, “At the casting news of Shin Ye Eun, Kang Hoon, and Jung Gun Joo, I was excited even before meeting them. Since we are all around the same age, we quickly became close. Each of [the actor’s] disposition is great, and our personalities fit well together, so we are filming enjoyably.” Ryeoun further shared that the cast members are friends that he relies on a lot, encouraging and supporting each other through difficult aspects and various matters that need to be discussed.

When asked about any memorable moments while filming, Ryeoun shared, “The days that the four actors gather together on set become [special moments] and remain in my memories. I try not to make bloopers, but I had a difficult time holding back my smile because I would smile when just looking at their faces.”

Ryeoun continued to explain that he became more immersed in acting when working with senior actors due to their advices, especially mentioning In Gyo Jin who he previously worked on “Homemade Love Story” with. Finally, as a point to anticipate in the upcoming drama, Ryeoun shared, “It would be great if viewers pay attention to how Kang San, who is used to being alone, matures and opens his heart after meeting friends, who have each lived different lives, while staying at Yihwawon.”

“The Secret Romantic Guesthouse” will premiere on March 20 at 10 p.m. KST and will be available on Viki!

Watch a new teaser below with subtitles!

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