Jung Kyung Ho Dishes On Chemistry With Jeon Do Yeon, Steamy Kiss Scene In

Jung Kyung Ho has shared his thoughts about acting with Jeon Do Yeon in “Crash Course in Romance”!

“Crash Course in Romance” is a drama about the unlikely love story between Nam Haeng Sun (Jeon Do Yeon), a former national athlete who now runs her own side dish shop, and Choi Chi Yeol (Jung Kyung Ho), a star instructor in Korea’s elite private education sphere.

On March 5, the hit romantic comedy “Crash Course in Romance” went out on a high note, achieving its highest viewership ratings of its entire run for its final episode. Jung Kyung Ho, who immersed perfectly into his character of Choi Chi Yeol, showcased great acting skills which made the drama’s charms stand out even more.

Jung Kyung Ho shared, “It wasn’t just a romance drama. The genre suddenly changes in the middle to fit the drama’s description of bittersweet [romance]. Since I had done intense romance in my previous project ‘Hospital Playlist,’ I didn’t have big pressure about doing [romance with Jeon Do Yeon]. I was happy to be with Jeon Do Yeon, and I filmed with great excitement.”

With regard to the concerns about dissonance with Jeon Do Yeon before the drama premiered, Jung Kyung Ho remarked, “I am saying this carefully, but there is no male actor who does not fit Jeon Do Yeon. No matter who acts with Jeon Do Yeon, it would be absurd to say that they are not a good match. I also had many glorious moments while acting together [with Jeon Do Yeon]. I pretended that I wasn’t [too excited] to be filming a romance drama with someone I’d been seeing [acting on television] since I was young, but I went to the director and secretly told him that I was happy and feeling successful. I wondered if this is what a ‘successful’ fan might feel.”

The kiss scene between Choi Chi Yeol and Nam Haeng Sun was one of the scenes that garnered a lot of attention. Regarding this, Jung Kyung Ho shared, “I was shy. It was a scene where [Choi Chi Yeol] kisses her not knowing whether it is a dream or real. I was worried because [the scene] was so intense. However, it’s good to film a kiss scene in just one shot like an action scene. I did my best while filming it.”

Born in 1983, Jung Kyung Ho debuted in 2004 through “Five Stars,” the first mobile interactive drama in Korea which allowed viewers to participate in casting and scriptwriting. The actor also appeared in dramas including the “Hospital Playlist” series, “When the Devil Calls Your Name,” and “Happy Once Again,” as well as films such as “Men of Plastic,” “DAEMUGA,” and “Amor.”

Check out Jung Kyung Ho in “When the Devil Calls Your Name” on Viki!

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