SM Warns Against Invasion Of NCT's Privacy Following Trespassing Incident At Haechan's Home

SM Entertainment has issued a warning against those who invade their artists’ privacy.

On March 6, SM Entertainment released a statement regarding a recent issue involving trespassing into NCT member Haechan’s residence. In their statement, SM Entertainment issues a stern warning against the invasion of privacy of their artists, stating that they will take legal action with zero tolerance.

The full statement is provided below:

Hello. This is SM Entertainment.

We are giving our position regarding the recent increase in actions that severely invade the private lives of NCT members.

The members have been suffering severely due to the continuation of [actions such as] visiting places related to the NCT members’ daily lives without authorization and waiting for them, following their vehicles, excessively contacting or photographing the members within the airport security zone including on-board the plane, illegally acquiring personal information and attempting to contact them indiscriminately, and spreading malicious rumors.

In particular, at the end of November last year, there was a trespassing incident at Haechan’s residence with a so-called “sasaeng” (referring to those who invade the personal lives of celebrities). As Haechan is living with his family, not only Haechan but also his family have complained about receiving considerable psychological damage.

The trespassing “sasaeng” has been indicted by the prosecution, and although [the case] was wrapped up generously without criminal punishment according to Haechan’s wishes, it revealed the seriousness of the issue of invading the privacy of artists, and we decided to reveal this situation with the means of making a warning so that a problem such as this no longer occurs.

We once again state that such actions are not actions that express interest in the artists but that they instill fear in the artists, and this is a stalking crime that causes severe harm to not only the individual but their family and the acquaintances around them. We hope that the “sasaengs” immediately stop infringing on the artists’ private lives.

Going forward, we will severely deal with illegal actions such as the housebreaking of “saesaengs,” leaking of personal information, and stalking with zero tolerance. The agency will take strong legal action by all means we can proceed with, and we ask that you be cautious not to get involved in such shameful events.

We will do our best for the protection of our artists going forward.

Thank you.

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