Song Hye Kyo And “The Glory” Writer Kim Eun Sook Share Intriguing Insights Into Part 2 Ahead Of Premiere

The anticipation for the release of “The Glory Part 2” is ever-rising!

First released this past December, “The Glory” is hit writer Kim Eun Sook’s newest project that tells the story of a former victim of brutal school violence who swears revenge on her bullies after becoming the elementary school homeroom teacher of her bully’s kid. Song Hye Kyo stars as the vengeful protagonist Moon Dong Eun, while Lee Do Hyun plays the complicated male lead Joo Yeo Jeong. Lim Ji Yeon leads the posse of Moon Dong Eun’s school bullies as Park Yeon Jin, alongside Park Sung HoonCha Joo Young, Kim Hieora, and Kim Gun Woo.


On March 8, Song Hye Kyo joined writer Kim Eun Sook and director Ahn Kil Ho at the press conference for “The Glory” Part 2.

Kim Eun Sook opened up by saying, “I’m so excited about how things have turned out to the point where it’s getting a bit worrisome. Since the viewers kept loving the series, I looked over the script for Part 2 again. I was even more scared. As expected, it is a darn good script.”

She added, “At [the previous] press conference, I revealed that ‘The Glory’ all began with a question from my daughter. The question was whether I’d rather have her be beaten up to no end or beat someone else up to no end. As I wrote ‘The Glory,’ I kept looking for an answer to the question within myself. And I realized that a solution would be achievable in being beaten up to no end. Because what I have is the money to take the perpetrators to hell.” She continued, “But that’s not the case for Dong Eun. The Dong Euns of this world don’t have the rich parents or family. I wanted to be of strength to them. So I tried to take the story toward the direction of Dong Eun’s revenge coming to fruition. As for how it ends, please watch it yourself.”

Song Hye Kyo explained how she grew into her character as the series went on, saying, “As you move on to the latter half of the series, you’ll see that I’ve become 100 percent become Moon Dong Eun. I was able to act naturally and accordingly to the scenes. Those were times when I was in sync with the actors 120 percent.” The actress also hinted that Part 2 will be filled with scenes that give viewers goosebumps with immaculate acting.

Since the event was intended to satiate viewers’ curiosities, Song Hye Kyo also shared a more personal aspect. That is, her dog, which she took to set on days where the scenes were not too intense. She said, “One day, Lee Do Hyun also brought his dog, so we had the two dogs meet. But my dog didn’t like Lee Do Hyun’s dog. Later, [my dog] didn’t like Lee Do Hyun either. So eventually, Lee Do Hyun started avoiding my dog.”

Another point of interest was the amount of special effects makeup she had to undergo to portray the scars Moon Dong Eun got while being bullied. She explained, “Dong Eun has burn scars, which took a very long time to create. The process took four to five hours, and I was undressed the whole time.” She added, “I went on a diet for that specific scene, only eating bananas for the three days leading up to it. The day before, I didn’t even drink water. And that was where my body was at when I went through the makeup. I felt like absolute death. Since my body was going through so much, the scene itself turned out great. My skin acted up from having the makeup done so often.”

She wrapped up the talk by saying, “I’ve been so grateful and happy to act as Moon Dong Eun. It was a painful and tough time trying to portray her but just as meaningful because I can show that people like her are also capable and that there is hope. I was so happy while acting as her.”

“The Glory Part 2″ premieres via Netflix on March 10. Check out a teaser here!

In the meantime, watch Song Hye Kyo in “Descendants of the Sun” below:

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