“The Glory” director Ahn Gil Ho has become tied up in allegations of school bullying.

Ahead of the drama’s Part 2 premiere, school bullying allegations against Ahn Gil Ho began circulating online communities. The victim (hereafter “A”) explained that they were unaware of Ahn Gil Ho’s work as a director because they weren’t familiar with Korean dramas, but found out about his career in a group chat with their classmates after “The Glory” gained popularity globally.

A went on to share, “To be honest, if Ahn Gil Ho is living well, I don’t care to make an issue out of that. However, I’ve come to reveal this as it’s absurd and unforgivable for a school bully to direct a program like ‘The Glory’ that is meant to raise awareness about school violence.”

The statement from A detailed their experience with Ahn Gil Ho as fellow students in the Philippines in 1996. A stated that at the time, Ahn Gil Ho was studying abroad in the Philippines for his third year of high school while they themselves were in their second year of middle school at an international school. They did not attend the same school, but A shared that Ahn Gil Ho was dating middle school student “B,” whom A and their classmates would tease. After finding out about this, A said that Ahn Gil Ho summoned A and their classmates to threaten and assault them.

A added that their fear at the time prevented them from remembering clearly, but there were around 10 people with Ahn Gil Ho to beat them up. When no one responded to Ahn Gil Ho’s interrogations about who was making fun of his girlfriend, A claimed that he threatened, “Bring the knife, I’m going to stab them.” A additionally stated that this went on for nearly two hours.

Eventually, A shared, “If Ahn Gil Ho denies [these allegations], the other friends who were also summoned have said they would testify with me. If he denies and wants to take legal action, I too will respond actively. What we want is justice. Aren’t people not supposed to do this? It’s so shameful.”

In response to the initial allegations, Studio Dragon, the production company for “The Glory,” shared that they would look into whether the situation was true.

Additionally, Ahn Gil Ho personally denied the allegations, saying that while it’s true he studied abroad in the Philippines for a year, he has no memory of hitting anyone.

The second half of Netflix’s “The Glory” was released worldwide on March 10 at 5 p.m. KST.

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