4 Performances That Showed Incredible Improvement On

After a tough round of eliminations last week, it’s back to business in episode 6 of “Boys Planet.” The next round, called the Dual Position Battle, focuses on two of the three cornerstones of K-pop performance—dance, vocals, and rap—to create unique covers of well-known K-pop classics. It’s a challenge for even the most experienced of the bunch, but it’s pushing the trainees to become their best selves. Watch out for spoilers if you’re not caught up on the most recent episodes!

1. “Home” Team

SEVENTEEN songs are never easy to cover—they’re dance-intensive and usually require the strongest of vocalists. “Home” is no exception, and the trainees struggled a lot at first. Their initial evaluation from the show’s masters was less than flattering regarding the choreography, but by making adjustments to showcase their best aspects, they made an amazing stage. A skill improvement for sure, but the trainees also improved their performance awareness as well.

2. “Love Killa” Team

This team was the textbook definition of the word “improvement.” Despite having several high-ranking trainees, their initial evaluation was very poor. “Love Killa” by MONSTA X is surprisingly difficult to sing, and the trainees’ original choreography was not well-received. However, with a lot of practice, they managed to stun the show’s masters (and the audience!) with their cool and powerful performance. The change from beginning to end is unbelievable!

3. “ZOOM” Team

It’s important for any stage’s “killing part” to be the most polished, which was a big responsibility for trainee Park Hyun Bin. He was feeling the pressure and even asked if he should switch parts with someone else. However, the team elected to keep him as their center—and worked extra hard to make sure that the killing part was flawless. The end result was undoubtedly an incredible performance, and watching Hyun Bin’s improvement along with the whole team was remarkable.

4. “GANG” Team

One of the hardest parts for many of the trainees was learning how to create their own choreography, and the “GANG” team had an especially tough time. Their stage was designed to be almost entirely original, and none of the trainees had much experience choreographing. They learned quickly though, and by paying attention to every detail, they made their performance unique. Picking up a new skill is never easy, and they did it under pressure!

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