Im Soo Hyang And Kim Jung Hyun Make An Unforgettable Memory With A Bittersweet Wedding In “Kokdu: Season Of Deity”

Im Soo Hyang and Kim Jung Hyun will make an incredibly special memory together in “Kokdu: Season of Deity”!

“Kokdu: Season of Deity” is a fantasy romance drama starring Kim Jung Hyun as Kokdu, a grim reaper who leaves the underworld every 99 years to punish humans in the mortal realm. During his latest trip, he winds up meeting Han Gye Jeol, a female doctor who has the mysterious ability to order him around (played by Im Soo Hyang).

In the upcoming episode of “Kokdu: Season of Deity, Han Gye Jeol will do her best to cherish the short time she has left with Kokdu by making unforgettable memories.


In the previous episode of “Kokdu: Season of Deity,” Han Gye Jeol found out about Kokdu’s past and turned her back on him, deeming his acts unforgivable. However, she later discovered a hair pin from her past life as Seol Hee and relearned her painful connection to Kokdu. After gaining a better understanding of Kokdu’s history, Han Gye Jeol was able to move past their differences, resulting in a fresh start for the pair.

At long last, this week’s broadcast will show a moment of peace for Han Gye Jeol and Kokdu. In order to make up for all the love and memories Seol Hee missed out on, Han Gye Jeol and Kokdu plan a sweet and simple wedding.

The newly released stills capture Han Gye Jeol smiling softly as she walks down the stairs in a beautiful white dress. Kokdu waits for her at the bottom, looking mesmerized and full of emotion. As Kokdu is now also aware that the hair pin is back in Han Gye Jeol’s possession, he becomes determined to prevent their past lives from repeating, raising questions about how he will act moving forward.

The pair doesn’t stop with just a walk down the aisle as they make their way to their “reception.” While being all dressed up, the pair opts for the simple activity of making dalgona, a Korean candy. Despite the simplicity of it all, the two appear lost in their own world and happy as ever.

Check out this episode of “Kokdu: Season of Deity” on March 17 at 9:50 p.m. KST!

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