Yoo In Na And Yoon Hyun Min Have Vastly Different Understandings Of Dating In New Rom-Com

The official poster for ENA’s upcoming rom-com “True to Love” has just dropped!

“True to Love” is a rom-com that follows the romance story of the greatest dating coach Deborah (Yoo In Na) and the nonchalant publishing planer Lee Soo Hyuk (Yoon Hyun Min) who struggles with love.

In the sweet new poster, the two leads stand back-to-back under a shower of fluttering purple hearts, their postures and expressions clear indicators of their feelings about love and romance. Whereas Deborah exudes confidence while she holds a red heart high, being the expert love coach that she is, Lee Soo Hyuk shows a bit more caution and restraint, his loose grip on his own heart revealing how he still finds love a bit hard. To Deborah, being in a relationship is just a matter of finding the right strategy. But to Lee Soo Hyuk, sincerity is one of the most important elements in a relationship. Above the two is the phrase, “I’ll fix your broken relationship.” But if these two have such different outlooks on love and romance, how will their story unfold?

Deborah is an influencer who focuses on dating as one of the greatest dating coaches out there as well as a star writer who has authored a bestselling love story. She’s a witty character who tells things as they are, and anyone would think that she must have experienced all kinds of relationships to possess the level of expertise that she does. However, the reality is that Deborah is blind when it comes to her own relationships. She’s a dating coach who has failed at dating, but what changes will meeting Lee Soo Hyuk bring to her life?

For his part, Lee Soo Hyuk is a very feisty character. He’s fiery in an indifferent way and affectionate in a cool way, all the while having difficulty when it comes to dating and relationships. In line with his personality, he presents somewhat conflicting views on dating. On the one hand, he says, “Dating is inevitable,” almost sounding like an idealist when it comes to love. But then, he suddenly switches to a very nonchalant tone, declaring, “Therefore, I’m not going to do anything.” How will becoming tangled up with Deborah, the best dating coach, change his opinions?

The production team of “True to Love” commented, “Everything about the relationship between dating coach Deborah and Lee Soo Hyuk, who finds dating hard, will create lots of excitement within a relatable reality.” They added, “Viewers can expect Yoo In Na and Yoon Hyun Min’s acting synergy to boost feelings of empathy as they delicately exchange various emotions regarding dating and love.”

“True to Love” premieres on April 12 at 9 p.m. KST.

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