MONSTA X's Minhyuk On The Profound Meaning Behind His Final Painting On

MONSTA X’s Minhyuk is featured in Singles magazine’s new issue!

On March 20, Singles released a pictorial and interview with Minhyuk. The magazine first noted that it was the second time Minhyuk has graced the cover of the magazine, with his first time being a year and four months ago. Minhyuk commented, “It feels good [to be back]. I also realized that so much time has passed since my debut. When I went to shoot a group pictorial with my members early on in our career, I used to wonder, ‘When will I be able to be on the cover of a magazine?’ At the time, it seemed like something in a distant future, but now the time has passed so much that I’ve been on the cover twice.”

As the interview and pictorial took place not too long after Minhyuk has wrapped up the second season of his long-running talk show “Vogue Ship Show,” Minhyuk was asked about his most memorable moment during the program. The MONSTA X member shared, “During the program’s run, I drew little by little on a large canvas while hosting. In the last episode, I painted over the whole thing and made a new drawing on top of it.” Minhyuk then elaborated on the heartfelt meaning behind his final drawing, “Although it is not visible to the eye, you can still feel the traces of the past [drawings] when you touch the canvas with your hands. Just like that, the past does not disappear but remains somewhere. It was an ending that well-reflected my desire to keep the memory of hosting the ‘Vogue Ship Show’ as a beautiful memory inside of me, so I’m content.”

Lastly, Minhyuk discussed having the same personality and consistency on and off camera, as he honestly confessed, “I think my image in the media reflected more than 70 percent of my real self. I don’t show every aspect of myself on TV, but it also doesn’t deviate much from the real me. People around me always say, ‘You are you [even on TV].'” Minhyuk finally concluded his interview by adding, “I haven’t seen the final outcome of this interview yet, but what I can surely say is that there’s not a single lie in my answers today. I speak 100 percent of myself.”

The full feature with MONSTA X’s Minhyuk is available in Singles magazine’s April issue!

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