GOT7's Youngjae Gets Candid About Growing Up With Fans, What He's Learned From Musicals, And More

GOT7’s Youngjae has teamed up with Singles magazine for a new photo shoot and interview!

Describing how he’s spent the first three months of the new year, Youngjae commented, “Time goes by too quickly. These days I’ve been exercising to take care of my health. I set a specific time and stick to it because I want a routine lifestyle. Doing this has become quite fun.”

As this interview was held before the release of Youngjae’s latest single “Errr Day,” he was asked how production was going. Youngjae explained, “It’s a song called ‘Errr Day’ and captures the nervous feelings of meeting someone you like through the heart-fluttering excitement of spring. It’s an honest story of a man who wants to express himself properly but speaks while thinking ‘Is this not good? Is that not good?’ I hope both fans and the public can relate to the lyrics and I paid special attention to the vocals so I hope you listen closely.”

In addition to group and solo promotions, Youngjae has been active in various dramas and musicals. On his future acting plans, Youngjae shared, “I want to try as many musicals as possible.”

Youngjae continued, “I had a really hard time during ‘Midnight Sun‘ as I worried about how to memorize the script and overcome the nerves of a live broadcast and I was also afraid of making a mistake. There was even a time I wanted to give up because I didn’t think I’d do well but after about two weeks, [I realized] there’s nothing you can’t do if you practice diligently. That’s when I began feeling how fun musicals are. The sense of achievement I felt after finishing each and every performance was a joy that cannot be replaced by anything.”

Touching on how his fans are inevitably a big source of happiness for him, Youngjae explained, “Like my members, our fans now feel like family. Over the past 10-ish years, some got married and some have even had children.” With a laugh, Youngjae added, “But to be honest, I was a bit flustered at first. That people who like me were saying they had husbands. If I ask ‘really?’ in disbelief, they show me their wedding photos. Then I get surprised all over again. Once I met a fan at a broadcasting station and they were someone who liked me since middle school. Seeing that they grew up well, got a job, and are living well was so fascinating and also made me proud.”

The interviewer mentioned that seeing such longtime fans likely makes him think about his influence and Youngjae commented, “I want to make them feel like they’ve liked someone in a healthy way. I just hope that time goes by as well as it is now.”

Check out Singles magazine’s April issue for Youngjae’s full interview!

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