Lee Sung Kyung And Kim Young Kwang On Making Drastic Changes For Their Roles In

Singles magazine has shared a recent pictorial and interview with “Call It Love” lead stars Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Kwang!

“Call It Love” is a Disney+ series about the love story between Shim Woo Joo, a woman seeking revenge even though it doesn’t quite suit her personality (played by Lee Sung Kyung), and Han Dong Jin, the pitiful target of her vengeance (played by Kim Young Kwang).

As the theme for the pictorial was about capturing moments of love, both actors posed with various cameras throughout their photo shoots. Lee Sung Kyung then shared an adorable anecdote about Kim Young Kwang and cameras as she revealed, “Actually during filming for ‘Call It Love,’ Young Kwang often took pictures for the staff. The camera he used was also the same polaroid camera as the one that was used today. Because of that, I remembered some memories from back then, so today’s filming was extra fun for me.” Hearing this, Kim Young Kwang elaborated, “I did a lot of work as an actor, but after some time passed, those memories got naturally forgotten and I thought it was such a shame. I started taking pictures because I wanted to remember that I was together with these people.”

Dishing on their drama, Lee Sung Kyung described it as “a drama with blank spaces.” She further explained, “Those blank spaces could be the distance between Dong Jin and Woo Joo, the pause between conversations, or the emptiness in the air surrounding the characters. I think the drama well reflected the director’s intention to let the viewers feel all the emotions properly through those pauses and spaces.”

When the interviewer noted that the drama especially left a strong impression because it captured Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Kwang’s gloomy appearances that viewers had never seen before, both actors talked about their drastic transformations. Kim Young Kwang remarked, “I paid attention to Dong Jin’s looks, behavior, and even gaze. He only ever wears a number of suits, two pairs of shoes, and the same T-shirt all the time. I lost a lot of weight too [for the role]. Han Dong Jin is used to only listening to others rather than looking into someone’s eyes while talking, so for a good while, I kept my eyes down and only stared at the ground while walking.” Similarly, Lee Sung Kyung shared, “I was rather passionate [to play Woo Joo] because she was the quietest and darkest character I’ve ever played. I was glad I was able to play Woo Joo. Originally, I have a very straight posture, but drooping shoulders and unsophisticated walking posture are more fitting for Woo Joo. It was such a bad posture that my whole body was in pain throughout the filming. I also tried to maintain facial expressions and a monotonous tone like Woo Joo. After living like that for months, I found it hard to even smile in real life.”

As “Call It Love” has now entered the second half, both stars shared key points to look forward to in the drama. Kim Young Kwang said, “I think it’d be good to focus on the nonverbal expression of Dong Jin and Woo Joo. When they exchange glances or when they brush past each other, those moments show their inner emotions that will be equal to other forms of communication. I think viewers will find it interesting to see the subtle differences in the way Woo Joo and Dong Jin look at each other and express themselves.” Lastly, Lee Sung Kyung concluded the interview by adding, “Woo Joo’s voice tone also changes depending on her emotions. Please pay greater attention to see those small and modest changes in the way she’s expressing herself.”

The full feature with Lee Sung Kyung and Kim Young Kwang is available in Singles magazine’s April issue!

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