Chuu Shares How She Overcomes Hardship, Why She's So Dedicated To Her Career, And More

Former LOONA member Chuu has posed for Cosmopolitan magazine!

After Chuu revealed that she initially thought dark and bold styling, such as her Cosmopolitan pictorial, did not suit her, she was asked what moments made her feel most strong and bold. Chuu answered, “I’m someone who quickly forgets about hard times. I think unfair situations also don’t have an effect on me.”

She explained, “Of course I feel pain in the moment, but I’m the type to look for ways to overcome that rather than get trapped there. Such as exercising regularly to shake off negative thoughts or finding new hobbies. If I find and experience things I want to learn, I think I become numb to things that give me stress.”

Given how hard Chuu has worked to dedicate her life to music, the interviewer described her as a very motivated person. On how she became so sure of her dream, Chuu shared, “I think I’ve been able to continuously do this work because I enjoy it. Recently, the phrase I heard most often from people around me was ‘That’s enough to get hurt and give up but how are you working enjoyably without quitting?’ But working is fun to me. If I sing when I feel like I’m having a hard time, I feel happy right away. Since this is something I enjoy, I’ve been able to work consistently without giving up to get here.”

Regarding her mindset for 2023 and upcoming solo promotions, Chuu shared, “While I’m scared, I’m also looking forward to it. Although my excitement and anticipation is greater [than my fear], I’m still not sure. Since it’s my first time promoting alone, this is a time when I have a lot concerns, starting with what musical direction would be better, to what I’d be best at and what kind of image the public wants to see.”

Last November, LOONA’s agency announced Chuu’s removal from the group citing “violent language and misuse of power” toward a staff member as their reason. In February, the agency submitted a petition asking to suspend Chuu’s entertainment activities and the artist responded soon after to address the slanderous articles that followed.

Considering this turbulent journey that’s led to Chuu promoting solo today, the interviewer cautiously asked how she was able to overcome this period. Chuu replied, “I don’t try to avoid difficult situations. I just accept difficult emotions. I don’t avoid it and instead brush it off by finding things I can do. That’s how I think I’m overcoming this well. My fans say that I should be honest and that I’m allowed to express myself if I’m having a hard time, but I only want to give them good things. I just want to think about ways I can repay my gratitude and the energy I receive from fans.”

Although Chuu has received lots of support and encouragement from fans, she is still associated with various false narratives circulating different medias. Chuu explained that while she is hurt as she feels this is unfair, she doesn’t have the energy to partake in a meaningless fight. She added with a laugh, “I’m sure you’ll find everything out later. Once I’m many, many years into my career, won’t I be able to share everything? That’s how I feel. Everything is okay now.”

Thinking about the potential release of her solo album, Chuu commented, “Although there’s so much I want to do, I want to showcase what I can do best. I think it’ll be good if it’s a bright song that can share my unique energy with my bright and springy image on stage.

To conclude, Chuu shared a message for fans and readers, saying, “I believe that people who are sure of what they want to pursue and can persevere for that are cool. I am also confident that the work I’m doing now is the work I most want to do. I aim to consistently work hard with this certainty. While everyone may have their own share of hardships, I hope you will move forward with me. With the mindset of, ‘I am not afraid no matter what happens. Try me!”

See Chuu’s full interview in the April issue of Cosmopolitan Korea!

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