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Jang Hyuk has expressed his trust in Jang Nara in a new interview for their upcoming drama “Family”!

tvN’s “Family” tells the story of a National Intelligence Service (NIS) black agent husband who is undercover as an ordinary office worker and a sweet but fierce wife who dreams of having a perfect family. The drama is helmed by executive producer Jang Jung Do, whose hit works include “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim,” “The Crowned Clown,” “Our Blues,” “Alchemy of Souls,” and more.

Jang Hyuk will be starring as Kwon Do Hoon, Kang Yu Ra’s husband who is an NIS black agent disguised as a trading company employee. Jang Nara will be playing Kang Yu Ra, a housekeeping expert and Kwon Do Hoon’s wife. While she’s a dedicated wife who works to protect the perfect family of her dreams, she hides a secret behind her lovable nature.

Regarding the reason he chose to star in “Family,” Jang Hyuk revealed, “Above all, the genre was fun. I found fun in the joys and sorrows of Kwon Do Hoon, who has no choice but to live a double life, and his desire to protect his family.

Following 2002 drama “Success Story of a Bright Girl,” 2014 drama “Fated to Love You,” and 2014 MBC Drama Festival “Old Goodbye,” “Family” is Jang Hyuk and Jang Nara’s fourth project together and their first collaboration in nine years.

Jang Hyuk amped up the excitement for their upcoming project by expressing his satisfaction with their reunion and saying, “I’ve worked well with Jang Nara since ‘Success Story of a Bright Girl.’ I think the characters we portrayed were balanced well.” He continued, “In a romantic comedy, there’s an appropriate level in between the comedic aspects and the deeper story. Since Jang Nara is an actress who understands the realistic aspects well, when I overdo something but try to make it convincing, she makes room for that to naturally melt in. I think those aspects are what viewers seem to like.”

Jang Hyuk added, “When I’m acting with Jang Nara, I don’t think ‘I wonder what this person will do here.’ With the trust we have in each other’s acting, we react naturally and our chemistry is great.”

Despite being a charismatic and slightly intimidating agent, Jang Hyuk’s character Kwon Do Hoon is a loving and romantic husband at home who is easily bossed around by his wife. On the character’s double life, Jang Hyuk shared, “Through Kwon Do Hoon at home, I believe I’ll be able to show a lot of fun and over-the-top acting that is unique to romantic comedies. On the other hand, to show his dry and cold side as a black agent outside of the house, I wanted to focus on expressing the contrast that comes from a double life.

In addition to Kwon Do Hoon’s immediate family, the drama will also take a look at the character’s extended family members including his father Kwon Woong Soo (Lee Soon Jae), Kwon Ji Hoon (Kim Kang Min), Lee Mi Rim (Yoon Sang Jung), and Kwon Min Seo (Shin Soo Ah). Regarding their group chemistry, Jang Hyuk remarked, “I think the balance we all create together is great. I think the eccentricity and atypical freshness this family has will be described in an incredibly fun way.”

Jang Hyuk also touched on his co-stars Chae Jung An and Kim Nam Hee. Chae Jung An will play Oh Chun Ryun, a professional NIS operator and Kwon Do Hoon’s marksman, while Kim Nam Hee will portray Tae Goo, an impulsive, suspicious, and unwelcome guest who visits Kwon Do Hoon and Kang Yu Ra’s family.

He commented, “I’m meeting and working with Chae Jung An for the first time with this project and I think she expresses the charms of her refreshing character well. In addition to obviously being an actor whose acting is as good as expected, I think Kim Nam Hee is an actor with individuality and charms.”

Lastly, Jang Hyuk shared, “In ‘Family,’ the genres of comedy, action, and human are all combined. I hope you watch with anticipation for a new and atypical genre. Above all, I hope you look forward to the chemistry between me and Jang Nara that we’ve shown through romantic comedies. This is a project I filmed enjoyably without realizing time was flying by. On April 17, I will greet you as Kwon Do Hoon of ‘Family.'”

tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Family” will premiere on April 17 at 8:50 p.m. KST. Check out a teaser here!

While waiting, watch Jang Hyuk’s drama “Money Flower” with subtitles below:

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