Apink Dishes On Their Upcoming Album “SELF,” Unique Bond With Fans, And More

Apink has teased their upcoming comeback, shared love for their fans, and more with Singles magazine!

Next month, Apink will make their first group comeback in over a year with “SELF,” their 10th mini album. As the group’s interview took place before their comeback details were officially announced, Jung Eun Ji commented, “I’m cautious as the release date hasn’t been revealed yet. To describe it simply despite that, this is an album that we’ve filled with a bright and hopeful message for the first time in awhile. We really tried to capture Apink’s natural color and the stories we wanted to tell.”

Namjoo added, “I enjoyed these performance preparations so much to the point where I wondered when I last laughed this much. We’ve shown a lot of charismatic images on stage so I think this was a time where we confirmed ourselves that no matter how much we change on stage, we are still just as bright and innocent as we were in the beginning.”

After debuting in 2011, Apink is now in the 13th year of their career. When asked what’s changed the most since their debut days, Yoon Bomi answered while laughing, “What comes to mind first is my stamina but regardless of age, I think that’s because I don’t exercise.” She continued, “What’s changed is that I’m now able to enjoy myself a bit.”

Chorong responded, “With each year, I think the value of albums becomes greater. My gratitude for my members also becomes deeper. To be honest, these are things I didn’t really know much about when I was younger. When we were carrying out busy schedules, I was tired and having a hard time so those moments passed by without me realizing how precious and valuable they were. Now, I really feel a lot of gratitude and responsibility in every moment.”

Not only has Apink successfully promoted for over a decade, but their latest releases saw impressive chart results and music show wins. Regarding their opinions on why they’ve been loved for so long, Chorong shared simply, “Meeting the right members. And meeting the right fans.”

Jung Eun Ji elaborated, “Apink’s fans are famous for being really loyal. I think they feel some kind of responsibility towards us. As we’ve seen our fans grow up with us from a young age, we’ve now come to cheer on each other’s lives.”

Diving deeper into Apink’s relationship with their fans, Hayoung remarked, “Instead of looking at us as celebrities, they treat us like the friend next door. They are so loyal that even when fans who bring cameras to take pictures of us notice that the members aren’t feeling too well, they’ll say ‘I won’t hold up the camera today. Let’s just walk together and talk.'”

Namjoo continued, “What’s fun is that our fans treat each member really differently. Chorong’s fans are delicate and write lots of letters, and since fans have all seen Hayoung since she was a kid, they totally treat her like a baby.” Laughing, Namjoo added, “Eun Ji’s fans nag and scold each other.”

Jung Eun Ji chimed in, “The word has even spread among managers that Apink’s fans have good manners and respect the boundaries between fan and artist. Although they’re our fans, they’re really cool and I’m so proud of them.”

Since Apink has tried out a variety of genres and concepts throughout their career, the interviewer inquired about which album was their personal favorite. Hayoung chose “Mr. Chu” and explained, “It’s a song that completed Apink’s identity and is like our pride.”

Yoon Bomi explained, “Personally, I did everything I wanted to do during CHOBOM when we promoted ‘Copycat.’ But I’m really looking forward to the album we’re releasing this time. While preparing this album, I was reminded a lot of our past. I figure that our fans will also be reminded of those exact memories and emotions.”

Apink will make their return with “SELF” on April 5 and you can check out all their teasers so far here! Additionally, catch Apink’s full feature in the April issue of Singles magazine.

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