Update: LOONA's Go Won, HaSeul, YeoJin, And Yves Open Personal Instagram Accounts

Updated March 30 KST:

LOONA’s Go Won has also made her own Instagram account!

Joining her fellow LOONA members HaSeul, YeoJin, and Yves, who opened accounts earlier this day, Go Won has launched a personal Instagram profile and shared her first Story.

She wrote on a cute mirror selfie, “Hi Orbit [LOONA’s  fan club]. I missed you. I made this [account] after discussing with the agency to share my everyday life with you and chat more. Let’s meet often.”

Original Article:

More LOONA members are now on Instagram!

On March 30, LOONA’s HaSeul, YeoJin, and Yves each opened personal Instagram accounts. While they all have yet to make their first posts, all three members shared an Instagram Story to greet fans.

On a selfie, HaSeul commented, “Please look after me well in the future.”

YeoJin posted a photo of herself holding a bouquet of flowers and wrote, “For even more communication with Orbit [LOONA’s fan club], I’ve created an Instagram after discussing with the agency! Orbit, let’s talk often in the future!”

Yves uploaded a selfie and wrote, “For the fans who have waited every day, I’ve opened an Instagram after discussing with the agency to share my everyday life and lessen your worries a bit. I want to be a comfort while showing you happy photos..and I missed you!”

In January, it was reported that while LOONA’s HeeJin, Kim Lip, JinSoul, and Choerry had won their lawsuits against BlockBerryCreative, HaSeul, YeoJin, Yves, Go Won, and Olivia Hye were required to carry out their original contracts for the time being. In response, the agency briefly commented that they would share a statement later on.

HaSeul, YeoJin, and Yves now join HyunJin, Kim Lip, Choerry, and JinSoul on Instagram, after the latter four members launched accounts earlier this year.

Follow HaSeul here, YeoJin here, and Yves here!

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