Soompi & Viki Staff Talk: What Is Your Favorite Viki Boba Flavor?

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Note: This article was published in celebration of April Fool’s Day. Please note that the information below is not true. 

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After taking on dramas and K-pop for our Soompi & Viki Staff Talk series, we now tackle our favorite beverage: boba! Welcoming April, Viki has opened a boba shop perfect for K-drama fans.

Our staff members have tried out the boba flavors and each picked our favorites to recommend.

Check them out below!

Somni: My Boba From the Star

My go-to shop when I’m craving boba tea! A cozy atmosphere, reasonable prices, nice staff, and a unique menu! My Boba From the Star is one of the unique drinks that only this place has. It’s amazing how different tastes kick in one after the other, and each taste is very unique. The flavors are truly “out of this world” but still go well together. I don’t want to spoil the magic of it, so I won’t say more. Just try it!

JJin: True Beau-tea

Are you on a diet but craving boba? The True Beau-tea from this shop is the best option for you in that case. It’s a match, tofu, and cucumber-based slush that is extremely hydrating and nutritious. You might expect this combination to be overly bland, but the Hongeo topping is what makes this boba so unique! Hongeo is a fermented skate fish dish with a very chewy texture and is high in omega-3 fatty acids. I would say it’s an acquired taste due to its smell (just like durian), but once you’ve entered the Hongeo world, there’s no turning back. Apparently, all these ingredients are beneficial for good skin as well! So why not give it a try for yourself to glow?

Sehee: Ramyeon and Chill

When I was in college, I would always crave Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen and boba whenever I was stressed. So this combination together makes it the perfect stress-reliever beverage. The extreme spice and sweetness of Ramyeon and Chill washes away all the worries with just a sip!

Natalie: Product Placement Combo Set

Haters are gonna hate, but this K-Drama product placement combo set is the best deal! You get red ginseng, a sandwich sub, lipstick, AND a phone – All this for the price of one boba? A total steal if you ask me. Picture this: You start your morning with a fresh sip of red ginseng to quench your thirst, followed by a freshly made sandwich sub for breakfast. You look in the mirror, pleased to see that the lipstick is the most perfect shade on your lips, and call the love of your life (who you met by total accident and is now madly in love with you) with your new phone. K-drama perfect, huh?

Ginny: ABSolute chocolate

Best boba place in town, hands down. My personal favorite is ABSolute chocolate goodness and it’s absolutely great. This sweet treat features milk chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate mousse with chocolate jelly and Pirouette cookies on top. The shop uses chocolate protein powder, so you will get abs after drinking it. It’s perfect to drink after working out or when you need a beverage while watching dramas at home!

Seyeon: Boba: The Lonely & Great Chimaek

Unpopular opinion: tapioca pearls are overrated. So my go-to order is Boba: The Lonely & Great Chimaek with no tapioca pearls and extra pickled radish. This guarantees the freshest crunch with the famous beer flavored milk tea. You even get to choose between dark meat and white meat for the KFC(Korean Fried Chicken, obviously) topping! The drink also contains alcohol and sometimes attracts a grim reaper so…🤌chef’s kiss!

Yeon: The Kimchi Slap

The Kimchi Slap is the most satisfying boba tea flavor that everyone needs to try! The spicy hot and salty kimchi mixed with the sweet taste of revenge has made this drink a definite favorite for me. When you need to take revenge against your chaebol boyfriend’s mother for throwing a wad of money in your face, taking a sip of The Kimchi Slap will instantly provide you with the perfect inspiration. Give it a go!

Which boba flavor are you planning on trying out? Let us know in the comments below! 

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