Watch: Kim Hee Ae And Moon So Ri Team Up To Win The Election In New

The official poster and a brand new trailer for Netflix’s highly-anticipated “womance” drama “Queenmaker” is out!

“Queenmaker” tells the story of two women who used to lead starkly different lives but leave everything they know behind to combine forces and create a just and truthful world. Hwang Do Hee (Kim Hee Ae) is the best in her field of President Identity (PI) consulting and is the leader of the Corporate Strategy Team at Eunsung Group. She takes the lead as general manager for the election camp of Oh Kyung Sook (Moon So Ri) in the Seoul mayoral election. Oh Kyung Sook is a tenacious labor rights lawyer, nicknamed “Ms. Rhino” due to her reputation of plowing through cases like the horn of a rhino in order to fight for equality and justice.

The two women are the central focus of the newly released poster, but they’re also joined by a few notable figures that viewers will want to keep their eyes on.

There is Baek Jae Min (Ryu Soo Young), the son-in-law of the Eunsung Group who is well-received for his charitable work. Then there’s Seo Min Jung (Jin Kyung), who has come to be known as “the people’s servant.”

On the opposite side of the poster, there is Son Young Shim (Seo Yi Sook), chairwoman of the Eunsung Group who is a force shaking up the election. Then there’s Carl Yoon (Lee Kyung Young), a member of Baek Jae Min’s camp who has reigned as king of the elections. Finally, there’s Ma Joong Seok (Kim Tae Hoon) who leads the Seo Min Jung camp with reason and experience.

Viewers can look forward to an exciting political drama full of charisma and strategic plays to win the election.

The accompanying trailer shows the 39th Seoul mayoral election race in full swing. Hwang Do Hee, who refuses Son Young Shim’s order to work to make Baek Jae Min the new mayor, puts Oh Kyung Sook’s name forward. Oh Kyung Sook takes her hand and seals the deal, ready to do everything in her power to rectify the power imbalance that has become their reality thanks to the Eunsung Group’s merciless hold.

Baek Jae Min and Seo Min Jung are professionals when it comes to playing to voters’ emotions and swaying them towards their side. They’re not afraid to put on a performance and even Oh Kyung Sook in order to get ahead. Viewers are sure to be left with many questions, anxious and excited to see how this story will end

Watch the full teaser here!

“Queenmaker” is set to premiere on April 14. Watch another teaser here.

Until then, watch Moon So Ri in “Juror 8”:

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And catch Kim Hee Ae in “Mrs. Cop”:

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