Lee Sun Gyun, Honey Lee, And Gong Myung Showcase Their Unique Charms And Goals In

“Killing Romance” is raising viewers’ anticipation with a new set of posters featuring Lee Sun Gyun, Honey Lee, and Gong Myung!

Helmed by “How to Use Guys With Secret Tips” director Lee Won Suk and penned by “The Beauty Inside” writer Park Jeong Ye, the upcoming comedy film “Killing Romance” tells a story about top star Yeo Rae (Honey Lee) who suddenly announces her retirement from the entertainment industry and her fateful encounter with chaebol Jonathan Na (Lee Sun Gyun) from a faraway island. However, after meeting devoted fan Bum Woo (Gong Myung), together they join hands to plot the most spectacular operation for her comeback. Just like the title suggests, the film promises to bring zero romance and maximum laughter.

In the newly released posters, the unique personalities and charms of the three main characters Yeo Rae, Jonathan Na, and Bum Woo are captured.

The first poster features Yeo Rae, an icon of passion and challenges who aims to escape from Jonathan’s influence and make her comeback to the screen. Yeo Rae looks as if she is a puppet in the poster set in Kuala Island. The text on the bronze metal plate that reads, “I will go down to the wire whether I die or live,” shows Yeo Rae’s strong determination to change the situation.

Meanwhile, the icon of madness and obsession Jonathan Na makes a naughty expression in a well-fitted suit and pomade hairstyle. The text that reads, “Oh, honey. Do you really want to go back to that world infested with those malicious commenters?” makes viewers guess that he will try to instill fear in Yeo Rae.

Finally, the icon of courage and innocence Bum Woo puts on a lovely and shy smile like a puppy. Bum Woo, who strives for Yeo Rae’s successful comeback, says, “I am not a strange person! I’ve been your fan since middle school,” hinting at the relationship between him and Yeo Rae.

“Killing Romance” will hit theaters on April 14. Stay tuned!

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